Colourless skin, transparent blood,
Red monstrous pupils and white hair,
You could melt within the cold air,
Or drown in that agonizing tear flood.

You've been unashamedly torn apart,
Abandoned by all those that long ago
Held pieces of your wretched heart
And fed them to a hungry black crow.

You're broken down and tattered,
A true fallen angel in your brightness
And ethereal misery. Sadly shattered
To the four winds of ruthlessness.

They all shun you and despise you,
Disgusted by your otherworldly form
But in my eyes, whatever you may do,
You are beautiful by sun or by storm.

Your cold touch betrays the verity
That you shone bright as great stars
Once upon a time before this tragedy,
Before they put your love behind bars.

Difference, rarity make you precious
Your frailty renders you alike a seraph
And all they curse in you is glorious
I could live from your wretched laugh.

I will always love you for your weakness,
For what you are today and were before;
All they want to destroy I will bless,
And all they hurt you for I will care for.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

AN: Just inspired by the fact that things other people find repulsive,
disgusting, or simply don't want anymore I find know, broken
dolls, black roses, wilted flowers, I know all my friends are also
disgusted by albino's though I find them beautiful.