Not That It Matters


By Shion

((A poem for a lost soul, I don't know where it is.))

Thought you'd made the perfect mask
It molded when you changed class
But one day you were through with it
And you thought your real self was still under it
But there was nothing

Even when trying to be true
You know there's nothing left in you
And you can't breathe on nothing
So you bury yourself in sins
You can't be selfish
Because you can't be yourself
You longed for forgiveness
But everything's gone now

You think it makes it better to cry
You laugh and sob and just ask why
How do I comfort what isn't there
But in your eyes I do stare
Not that it matters
You don't care

You think you might have sold it
Or just lost it somewhere
You listen to your Billy Joel
But you won't find it there
You think you still hold the key
And you don't ask for help from me
But I know better than to stop
I am not alone a lot
And I know what you do not

When someone looses their self
Especially behind a mask
They look so hard but never find
Because it is not their task

I tried to help one out before
But they just decided to slam the door
And I was left alone once more
So I buried myself in nothingness
Hoping that within the mess
I could find some happiness
But instead I found your mess

You can laugh and you can cry
And sure, you can say goodbye
But I found something in your eyes
Helping nothings is my demise
But I will try

Because there's more than nothing in a mask
Nothing can't create a mask
So hold tight you, you need help
Don't worry about your soul,
I already hold it
Not that you care,
But fixing you is what I dare
And you might not give a damn

Not that you care
But I can fix you
And then you'll feel better
And you'll walk away
And I'll return to the mess
And hope you come back some day