Ben's UFO Encounter
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Twenty-Fourth day of February,when
A handsome young science-fiction writer from Ohio named Ben
Pennington was driving his way over to New York City,
Where he was hoping to find work in the gritty
Men's magazine Ultrababes,where his friend Jack was working in.

But just as he was to reach a halfway marker,
Something had caused his car to slow down and sputter
To a stop,causing Ben to get out of the car
And find out what had stopped it at so far
Away from his destination:The city full of non-sleepers.

However,while he was inspecting his car,a strange light
Has appeared from out of nowhere and hovered its bright
Glow over his head,causing Ben to turn quickly around
And was shocked to see something floating off the ground.

It was an extraterestrial spacecraft and it had landed right
In front of the shocked Ben,before it had opened
And allowed one of the occupants to step out and send
To Ben a message of peace and goodwill.

Then,when he had looked at the Kristin Davis clone
And noticed that she was indeed a truly beautiful one,
Ben has decided to forget about the job in New
York City and go into outer space with his new
Ladylove and experience the many wonders of more than one
Section of the universe--and as for the friends of Ben,
They wouldn't be able to see him on Earth again.