Father, I wonder what is going through your mind now?

You lost your daughter.
Your prized daughter.
The one who won five medals at the last competition.
The one who was voted most helpful every year.
The one who was as quick as a whip.
The one who's smile could charm a snake.
The one who everyone loved.
You lost her.

You lost your daughter.
Your worthless daughter.
The one who could never measure up to expectations.
The one who never had good enough grades.
The one who looked too much like her mother.
The one who was too smart for her own good.
The one you treated like filth.
You lost her.

You lost the tacos she'd make every week.
You lost the bragging rights of her brains.
You lost the special treats she'd bake.
You lost her constant cleaning.

You lost her never-ending smile.
You lost her infinite patience.
You lost her respect.
You lost her love.