A steady breeze blew along the dark empty streets, blowing old newspapers and garbage along the streets like waves. The sky was all but dark with only a small sliver of a moon to break the darkness. The shadows of the buildings seemed to cover the entire ground with only one light in the higher reaches of one of the buildings. Another breeze floated across the ground, whistling softly and breaking the erie silence. From a nearby alley Hicode emerged from the shadows. He was covered almost entirely by a long black cloak, he was nearly invisible, with the exception for the crimson sheathed blade hanging from his waist. He began to walk toward one of the buildings. As he entered, one of the security guards on duty walked up to him, I'm sorry, but we're closed, he said calmly, motioning with his hand for Hicode to stop. Hicode merely walked past him, as if he didn't even see him. Hey! I said stop! the guard said, running after Hicode. Hicode turned to face the guard, but as he turned, the guard managed to catch sight of the enormous blade at his waist. Hold it right there! the guard yelled, reaching for his gun. Hicode still did nothing, continuing to walk toward the staircases. The guard drew his gun, but before he could even manage to get his aim right, Hicode whirled around, unsheathed his sword, ripping the guard in two. His partner who was till at the main desk jumped up, pulling his gun and running at Hicode. Hicode jumped into the air and with another swipe of his blade, destroyed the security cameras that lined the room. The guard pulled the trigger, but he only managed to shoot one bullet before Hicode's crimson blade slid into his shoulder. The guard crawled toward an alarm button and slammed his hand down hard on it.
No offense, Hicode said emotionlessly, he pulled the guards shirt collar back, exposing a tattoo in the shape of a rune on the back of his neck, but, you're already dead, and you should stay that way. He drew his blade and with one swing, ended the guards life. With a quick motion of his blade, he cleaned it and replaced it within it's sheath. He then turned again to the staircase and began to ascend. He walked steadily to the fourth floor, turning the corner and heading towards the last room in the hall. A small slit of light was coming from beneath the door and faint noises were coming from the room. Hicode effortlessly snapped the lock open and pushed open the door. As he entered the room, Hicode could see a figure. He was sitting at the desk, quickly typing and working on his computer. Hicode sniffed the room, the nodded to himself and entered. The man stood as soon as he noticed Hicode's intrusion.
Who are you?! The man yelled. Hicode did not answer, he just kept walking toward him. The man noticed the blade swinging by his belt and quickly began to back away. the man said, smiling to himself. The man suddenly wrenched his neck backwards with a giant cracking sound. His arms began to flail violently and began he to stagger. His arms snapped to his sides and long claws began protruding from each finger. Two blades jutted from each of his elbows and he hunched over, and two mare gained spider-like legs sprung from his back. He raised his head, and his eyes shifted to a dark blue, he stared at Hicode. After a second of silence, the man ran at Hicode, fangs bared and claws raised. Hicode calmly moved to the left, dodging the raging creature and sending it into a wall. Turning around, the creature began to dash after Hicode, slashing at him wildly with it's extra arms. Hicode dodged every one of it's swings effortlessly. Police sirens could be heard from outside the building. Hicode grabbed the hilt of his sword, ready to strike.
Now you're getting serious , huh the creature growled. It lunged straight for Hicode's throat, however he quickly stepped to the left. He turned around and leapt at the creature, burying his knee straight into it's chest. As soon as he landed, he spun around, slashing only once with his blade, he cut the creature in two.
Demons such as you don't even deserve to live, Hicode said to the creatures corpse, Mission complete, he said, leaving the creature sprawled out in the floor of the office. The loud sirens had also attracted some spectators, at the front of the growing crowd, Ayaren stared up toward the window. She had a pair of large katars, one attached to her belt and the other on a leg strap. The door burst open behind Hicode, and about five officers ran in. Catch me if you can, Hicode said, walking over to the window.
Stop right there! on of them yelled.
Hicode said calmly, he stepped to the window and emotionlessly stepped out. He allowed himself to fall directly down, toward the ground. At the last second, he righted himself and landed on his feet, on one of the waiting police cars, smashing in the windshield and the hood. He quickly regained his balance and immediately jumped over the awaiting police and bolted. Ayaren took this chance to move, she jumped over the caution tape and dashed after him. Hicode ran around a corner, glancing back to notice Ayaren gaining on him. He turned and continued down the road, looking around every corner, satisfied that there were no onlookers, Hicode stopped and turned to face Ayaren. Ayaren stopped about ten feet from where Hicode stood.
Hold it right there, Ayaren said. Hicode just stared back at her, his red eyes unblinking. Who are you? Ayaren asked.
My name is Hicode, he answered.
Then prepare yourself, she said, reaching down and locking one of her katars on each hand. Hicode stepped back, grabbing the hilt of his blade. Ayaren blinked and her eyes began to shine with a golden glow. She raised her katars and dashed at him, swinging her right katar directly for his neck. Hicode moved his head slightly to the left, letting her attack go right by his cheek, cutting it slightly. Hicode still stared unblinkingly at Ayaren. Damn you, Ayaren yelled, pulling back her attack and slashing with her other katar. Hicode pulled back, drawing his blade and slashing toward Ayaren. She quickly caught the blade between her katars and locked it, pushing it back. She pushed it up and continued her assault, slashing swiftly towards Hicode. Hicode dodged backwards, knocking her blades to the side with his sheath. Ayaren jumped to the side and came back right next to Hicode, holding her blade up to his neck. Now, Demon it is time for you to die! she raised her blade and swung, but just before the blade hit, Hicode ducked down, diving forward and raising the point of his blade to rest only inches away from her eyes. Well, a hunter huh, Hicode said calmly. And you've got some demon blood in you as well, if I'm not mistaken, he continued.
Ayaren answered.
Not a very bright one I guess, Hicode said.
Why you! Ayaren yelled, moving toward him but stopping when he tightened his grip on his blade.
If you were, you might have realized that I'm no demon, and that the real demon is lying in two pieces back in that office, Hicode continued, sheathing his blade and resting it at his waist. Ayaren loosen her grip on her katars and stepped back,
If you're not a demon, the what the hell are you? she asked.
I have no need to share that with you, he said.
Does this mean that you are a hunter as well? Ayaren asked.
Something like that, he answered.
If you're a hunter, then why did you have to kill those guards in there, they were both one hundred percent human! she yelled, motioning with her katars.
You're even more pathetic than I thought, Hicode said smirking.
Ayaren yelled.
They were both already dead anyway, Hicode said, cutting her off. Ayaren stared at him a minute before placing her katars back on her belt,
What do you mean? she asked. Hicode tossed her a small piece of cloth. It was decidedly old, with stains of various kinds all over it; however, despite that agedness, the symbol still showed brightly in red in the center. It was a five sided figure with a black ring inside it, and two lines on each of the five points, with a small likeness of a human skull in the center. What is this? Ayaren asked.
It's a rune used in necromancery rituals, you'll find it tattooed on the neck of both of those guards, as well as the demon, it is a rune, used to reanimate the bodies of the fallen into undead soldiers. Hicode said, taking the cloth back from her hands.
But what kind of thing would do this? Ayaren asked.
It is the work of a very powerful demon, it has been doing it for ages, Hicode said calmly. Ayaren looked at him once more,
How do I know your not just lying to me? she asked.
Hicode yelled, he pulled out his sword. His eyes began to glow with a crimson aura, which emanated from his blade as well. He held out the tip of his blade, turning to his right, the blazing aura increasing in it's intensity. He blinked,sheathing his blade, he dashed off, in the direction that his blade had been pointing.
Hey! Come back here! Ayaren called, chasing after him. Hicode ran throught the streets, dodging traffic and oncoming people,
Hicode said to himself, locking on to his target. The man turned, noticing Hicode he dashed off, with Hicode in persuit and Ayaren trailing after Hicode. The man rounded a corner, running into a park. Now lead me right where I want to go, Hicode said quietly to himself.
You get the hell back here!! Ayaren yelled, trying her best to keep up. Hicode jumped into the air, landing infront of the man who doubled back, stumbling, franticly trying to escape. The man, almost running into Ayaren, who was barreling forward with her katars in hand, dodged to the right and kept running. The man ran until he reached a small shack on the far side of the park, he quickly ran in, shutting the door behind him. Hicode ran straight toward the small building, shoulder tackling the wall down, and consequently knocking the entire shack to the ground. As the dust cleared, the man was nowhere to be found. Hicode's glowing eyes darted back and forth. Now stop! an exausted Ayaren yelled, as she tackled him to the ground. she said triumphantly. Hicode pushed her off of him,
That's because I stopped! he yelled back to her.
she said annoyed.
Now just leave me alone, Hicode said.
Not until you explain the rest of this to me, she answered, sitting down in protest. Damn it, never mind, he said, walking back to the rubble. His eyes began to glow again, he began to pull away the wreckage.
Umm, what are you doing? Ayaren asked. He reached further, ignoring Ayaren, until he reached what was the floor. He raised his sword, the crimson aura surrounding it again. He slammed it into the ground, pulling back the floorboards, exposing a hidden tunnel. He looked down for a minute, holding his sword down to the entrance for a moment before entering. Ayaren stood up and began to follow after him,
What do you think that you are doing? Hicode asked, turning to Ayaren. Well...There's probably a demon down there, and it's my misson to destroy demons, so I'm coming too, she answered. Hicode looked at her,
Suit yourself, he said blankly, turning away, Just don't get in my way. Ayaren looked at him agitated. Hicode's eyes began to glow brighter and brighter as they descendend into the tunnel. They soon came to a large cavern, it was lit by torches lining the walls. Two figures were visible in the background. One was the man that they had chased in, while the other's face was blurred by the shadows; however,it was unmistakable that he had a long spiked tail, coming from his back.
What's going on? asked Ayaren.
You are useless! the other man yelled to the man that Hicode had been chasing.
I'm very sorry, the man said.
I have no further use for a weakling such as you, the other figure said disgusted. the man said, fear filling his voice. The other man's tail raised, snapping foreward, piercing the man's neck as he tried to run away. He lifted the coprse with his tail, tossing it to the side. Hicode stood and began to walk towards the figure.
Who's there? the man with the tail asked.
Hicode said, stepping foreward.
Well, so you finally found me, Hirogane said, walking out from the shadows,
It's been a long time, he said smiling, and exposing a mouth full of two inch teeth. He wore a long robe, with four daggers adorning his belt. Each was carved from what appeared to be the bone of a demon. His skin was coated in reddish scales with the exception for his face, which was coverer by a large tattoo of the same rune that Hicode had showed Ayaren. His eyes were a deep shade of green, shining slightly. Hicode's eyes began to burn with the crimson aura again, brighter and more violent than ever. He drew his sword, and held it out toward Hirogane. The crimson steel of the blade began to bend, forming large spines on the back of the sword.
The spirit of Asme is telling me to slay you where you stand, Hicode said. Ayaren just stood in the back, drawing her katars into her hands.
Well, so you still have that cursed blade eh? Hirogane said mockingly, I'm afraid that even that won't be able to help you. Hirogane snapped and four demons emerged from the shadows behind Hirogane. he said calmly, as the demons charged. The first wielded a large axe, swinging it first for Hicode's head. He ducked quickly, rising and slashing straight through the demon, splitting it in half.
Is that all that you have? Hicode said to Hirogane who was calmly watching the fray. Another of the demon's ran up behind Hicode, raising it's sword, prepared to attack. It suddenly screamed in pain and fell to the ground. Ayaren stood up from behind it, wrenching her katars from the back of the demon's skull.
Forgot about me huh, she said. The other two demons ran slashing at Ayaren and Hicode, they were both dispatched quickly with one swing of Asme.
Now it is time for you to die, Hicode said, standing up and turning to Hirogane. Hirogane laughed, he laughed, releasing two giant wings from his back. Hirogane yelled, swoopind down toward Hicode. Hicode flipped back, regaining his balance and running toward Hirogane. He leaped into the air, his sword over his head ready to strike. Hirogane turned quickly, wrapping his tail around Hicode's ankle, slamming him back to the ground. Ayaren ran at Hirogane, slashing his tail with one of her blades, cutting part of it off. Hirogane screeched in pain, flying back to the air,
Damn you wretch! he yelled at Ayaren. He drew two of his daggers, swooping to the ground, he slashed at Ayaren, who managed to catch them with her katars. Their blades locked, Hirogane pushing her backwards.
Your fight is with me! Hicode yelled, jumping into the air, and letting his blade slice straight across Hirogane's wings, slicing one of them clean off. Hirogane yelled, Ayaren pushed him back, slashing at his chest.
Don't think that you have won! he yelled to Hicode, he landed a little way away, blood dripping from his chest as well as his wounded wing. He ran at Hicode, his daggers in position to strike. Catching hicode off guard, he managed to bury one into his left shoulder. Hicode snarled, falling back. Ayren yelled, charging at him, but he knocked her away with one swing of his tail. She knocked into a wall, smacking her shoulder and sending her katar sliding across the room. Hicode stood, looking straight at Hirogane, the crimson aura now flowing across his entire body, I will make you pay for all the blood you have shed! he yelled. Hirogane turned to him, tossing one of his other daggers at him. Hicode's grip tightened on Asme and he knocked away with the sheath. Now you bastard! I will get my revenge! Hicode yelled, charging at Hirogane. Hirogane raised one of his dagger to block Hicode's assault, but is was knocked to the side. Now die! Hicode yelled, raiseing his blade, swinging it downward, shattering Hirogane's dagger, as well as his shoulder. Hirogane staggered to his knees, gripping his injured shoulder. Hicode swung his sword right at Hirogane's neck, decapitating him in one swipe. Hicode stood, staring at Hirogane's lifeless body, it's done, he said, his sword returning to it's origonal form. Ayaren walked over to Hicode.
Nice shot, she said hapily. Hicode turned and began to leave, ignoreing Ayaren. As they both emerged from the ground, Hicode walked foreward a few steps. He reached to his blade, holding it to the sky. The crimson aura once again filled his eyes and the blade, the aura began to lift off into the air, leaving the blade. Hicode stared as the crimson cloud began to dissapate.
Asme has been sated, he said. Hicode then sheathed the sword and turned. to Ayaren, Thank you, for your help, Hicode said forcedly.
You're welcome, Ayaren responded, a little surprised.
Hicode said, walking away.
Hey, of damn it, I'm sick of following you anyway, she yelled after him. He was soon out of sight of Ayaren.
It's done, he said, as he walked back into the shadows and out of sight.