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:: TiTlE: SeA PiNk Torrent IlLuSiOns

:: RaTiNg: R- for s/m relationships, future lemons, and language

:: SuMmArY: When Isis wakes up he has no idea of the wild night he had spent with another guy. Gene has always had his eye on the pink haired boy and when the opportunity calls [meaning-Isis+Alcohol=Free Ride~] Gene snatches it by the horns and rides it like a bull. But Isis is not willing to accept the fact that he had 'given' himself over to the handsome boy he shares Writing Class with. Can Gene make him change his mind with the help of Isis's best friend Apple and two little hellions by the name of Sophia & Sophie? Or will Isis be thrown into a sea pink torrent of illusions?

|--~ Chapter One: Meeting of the Pink Boy in the Sea & the Tale of Sophia


Isis woke up with a bad hangover. His short hot pink hair tousled from the uneasy sleep. He held his head and moaned 'Last time I ever drink with Apple again' he thought and threw the blankets from his body. He stood and scratched his belly looking around at his room.

Posters of every rock band supplied the room; a computer sat a mess of papers and books ranging to Sci-Fi to mystery to anime. Isis padded among the foam green carpet; his feet felt good walking against the softness of the carpet. He walked to a dresser propped against the closet door and retrieved a box of matches. Opening it he retrieved a match and with a flick of his wrist he turned it on. Taking a candle he lit it, watching the light grow. He smirked and blew out the match before walking out of the room.

He passed the hall that was filled with family portraits of his Mother and Father. His sisters in another portrait posing like a couple of Marilyn Monroe's. A single frame stood in the middle of them. The pink haired boy was not smiling, his violet gray eyes empty and unfeeling. The background didn't lighten the mood up; instead it created shadows against the boy, making him look lost and somehow mysterious.

Isis opened the bathroom door and walked in. pausing to look at the mirror above the sink he sighed and began to strip from his plain T-shirt and boxer shorts. Stripping himself he couldn't help, but notice the strange mark on his neck 'Hmm.' he thought to himself as he took off his watch 'I don't remember that' he thought and jumped into the shower.

Turning the tabs so that the water would be warm he moaned gently at the lapping water falling on his body. Somehow his body felt very soar, every body part aching. He took the bottle of pink shampoo and lathered his short hair. After washing the shampoo he applied conditioner, taking well care of his hair. He took the bar of soap and began to lather his slender body with it, making sure to wash behind. As he gently took the soap and guided it to his member he began to soap it. After that deed was done he began to rub his back, going lower and lower until he reached his butt, where he brought a hand down to the crack and nearly gave a scream at the pain it caused him when he touched that part of it.

"What the hell?" he asked himself as he watched a few drops of blood wash away by the water than swirl and disappear through the drain. He took a loofa this time and brought it to his butt as he painfully began soaping it away.

"Fuck. it hurts!" he cried out, 'Come to think about it. everything hurts' he thought to himself as he turned off the water.

Grabbing a baby blue towel he wrapped it around his slender form. Drying the slightly tan skin he then wrapped the fluffy towel around his slender waist and walked out of the bathroom.

He began walking to his room when he heard a snicker. Turning back he gave a frown at the sight of his sister Sophia giggling behind her door, her nightgown a pale pink, her hair tousled, brown curls curled to one side of her freckled face. Isis rolled his eyes in annoyance at the delinquency of his sister and asked.

"And just what is so funny?"

"Hehehe," she giggled "YOU!" she cried out before bursting out with laughter.

"And how am I funny?" Isis asked raising a thin eyebrow.

"You know," she said.

Isis rolled his eyes once more "No I don't. Please enlighten me"

"The way you're walking!" she cried out and fell to the ground laughing in hysteria.

"And just what is funny with the way I walk?" he asked defensively.

"You walk with your legs open!"

"No I don't, that's a lie"

"No it's not!" she cried out seriously. Sophia could be childish and annoying, but she did not let others call her a liar, her word was true and it took Isis a moment to realize she was telling the truth.

A little nerved he asked her "How do I walk?"

"Like this!" she said and pulled her door open mocking him when he came out of the bathroom. Wrapping a sheet around her thin waist she opened her legs as though something was stuck in her butt. She even draught down the walk to every detail as she walked about the hallway legs spread as though she had spent the night on horse.

Isis nervously asked "Did you see when I came home yesterday with Apple?" he asked.

"Yep!" she answered proudly and gave him a cheeky smile.

"Oh good," he sighed in relief wiping the sweat away from his forehead. Walking back to his room he opened the door and just as he was making his way inside he heard Sophia call out "But you didn't come home with Apple, you came home with a guy!"


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