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Chapter Three: New Arrivals


The days melded into each other as a week passed, and the hospital duties settled themselves into Cassie's life.

Things changed that Wednesday, though.

The patient in room 280 was finally leaving the hospital. The parents were in the room with Cassie and gave the usual curt thank-you's. Before leaving, the boy paused in front of Cassie, and she was actually in a good mood that day and turned around to greet the boy with a smile on her face. The boy looked up at her, and the smile on his face faded quickly. 'Is he-' Cassie could feel herself blink rapidly at the rest of the thought, '-afraid of me?'

Before anyone could see Cassie's reaction, Ginny appeared in the doorway with a teddy bear for the boy and the boy deserted Cassie. He ran up to Ginny and yelled, "GINNY!" and all eyes were on the young boy as he gave Ginny a big hug and the parents started thanking her profusely for all the wonderful things she had done. After chatting for a while in loud excited voices, the four of them finally exited the room and headed to the main lobby.

The fifth occupant stood alone in the room, and felt a sort of hollow feeling in her stomach. After standing there for another few seconds, Cassie hurried out of the room, and feeling that familiar feeling of loneliness.


Wish I wasn't here…that I could be free…free as a bird…alas. I am stuck here.

I might complain too much. All I've been doing so far is whining. If another had gone through all that I had gone through, they would be complaining too.

Trust me.


Ginny wasn't the first one assigned to the new patient in room 280 in the Children's Ward, but Ginny couldn't refuse a chance to greet a newcomer, and switched places with Cassie who was supposed to be the first one to greet the new patience.

She brought along a clown baggy full of candied goodies, such as lollipops, gumdrops, and jelly beans. She opened the door to room 280, unaware that the patient was different from the usual 'angelic' kids. As she entered the room, Ginny's gaze immediately fell upon the boy jumping up and down on the bed. He had green and purple streaks in his black hair and seemed to be five or so. Ginny winced at the wheezing sound of the hospital bed springs. Then, she started worrying at the Starbucks Frappaucino he held in one hand and the Sprite he held in the other. Ginny looked around the room for his parents, and spotted a teen lounging on the chair in the corner. Ginny was a bit doubtful about the teen being the boy's parent after staring at the teen for ten seconds. (Would a parent really dye his hair blue?) She tentatively walked over to the teen, with her clipboard and forms in hand, and had just opened her mouth when the blue-haired teen looked up and stunned Ginny into silence with his vivid violet-colored stare. (Oh my…)

Ginny also realized, at that moment, that the boy was gorgeous…and weird as she noticed the cooking magazine he was reading. She finally realized that she was staring after the boy raised an eyebrow and shot her a challenging, yet inquisitive, look. She managed to utter, "Uh" quite coherently in reply to his tacit challenge. The teen stared at her for a few seconds, and as though deciding that she was not a problem, went back to his cooking magazine.


Cassie reluctantly entered Mrs. Amabilia's office. Summoned to Mrs. Amabilia's office during her lunch break, Cassie stood across from Mrs. Amabilia's seated form and glared at Mrs. Amabilia, as though hoping somehow that her disgruntled state could somehow penetrate Mrs. Amabilia's thick skull. (Am I in trouble? Maybe I'm going to get kicked out…wait…but that ruins my deal with Judge Wilcox. Hmmm…it's either get the mar erased from my permanent record of escape from Mrs. Amabilia's clutches forever.)

Without glancing up once from another stack of papers, Mrs. Amabilia said coldly, "Sit down, Mogg."

Cassie scowled inwardly when she saw Mrs. Amabilia's chilly reception and started to feel the mental unwinding of her infamous temper. Mrs. Amabilia finally looked up from the stack of papers in front of her. "I said sit."

"I would prefer to stand."

Mrs. Amabilia could feel her patience tiring and gritted her teeth as she hissed, "Sit or I suspend you."

The two glared at the other, both a bit intimidated by the other. Neither would ever admit this though…at least not in front of each other. Cassie maintained her standing position, and continued glaring at Mrs. Amabilia until the latter finally broke eye contact and started flipping through the papers on her desk. Cassie smirked as she thought about her tiny victory. The former turned her chair and grabbed a book of charts off of the filing cabinet. With her back still turned to Cassie, Mrs. Amabilia started flipping through the book thinking of different ways to punish the insolent subordinate.

Talking in a loud, authoritative voice to the wall, Mrs. Amabilia said, "Miss Mogg, I have a proposition for you."


Ginny smoothed her hair back and took a deep breath. I have to say something!

The teen looked up at Ginny with a look akin of annoyance blighting his beautiful face, "Well?"

Ginny didn't know what to say. For once, in her socially-orientated life, Ginny did not know what to say. (I don't think he'd take it too well if I said that he was incredibly hot. GAH! I think I'm drooling! Urgh, breathe girl breathe! Maybe he won't notice me drooling?)

"Umm, er, that caffeinated kid needs to, uh, stop jumping on the hospital bed." (Ah, yes, see I'm doing it!)

Coughing slightly, the teen's lip curled slightly as he said, "Tye get off of the damn bed. Thanks kid." Ginny inhaled sharply at the vile words, and also at the violet gaze that settled itself lazily upon Ginny again. Much to her amazement, he started talking to her, again.

"So, are you a patient or a nurse around here?"



Danny was staring intently at her andall she could do was blink! Wait…he said 'my room'??? As in…he's the patient?! Wait-no! It can't be! He's too old!

"This is y-y-your room? As in you're the patient?" Ginny inwardly cursed at her stutter.

The girl stared at him and Danny wondered what he had done to deserve this punishing stay in the hospital. The breathlessness that Danny had been suffering recently was so unexpected. And then he- well, what happened was so painfully embarrassing. He redirected his attention back to the girl only tofeelhimself cringeat the sight of the clown baggie in her hand. He shook himself out of his thoughts and started staring at the girl who had BARGED into his room. "Are you my nurse or not?" (Danny was unaware of the quizzical look he shot her.) Is she actually drooling?

I shouldn't be the patient…she should be. "Do you need help?" (Danny was definitely unaware of the uncharacteristic concern his usually cold purplish-blue eyes conveyed.)

Danny could have sworn that he saw the girl's face turn a red-purple color that rivaled the mauve color of his eyes. Ginny shook her head furiously. Then, Tye lunged forward, suddenly, and landed on Ginny yelling, "CANDY!" With an amazingly graceful and skilled swoop, the boy with streaked hair had the clown in his hands. He jumped back onto the bed, commenced jumping again, and poured the contents of the bag onto the bed. Then, he tossed the clown bag at Danny who backed his chair as quickly as he could against the wall. A look of distaste crossed his face, and he had just started scold Tye for throwing the bag at him when all of a sudden, the door burst open, and Devin hobbled in. Danny turned to Devin and voiced the thought that he and Ginny, unknowingly, shared, "What the hell are you doing in my room?". (Then again, Ginny's thoughts had been put in less colorful terms.) Devin looked at Danny and a look of shock crossed his face. "Danny?! What are you doing here? What did you do to Ginny??!!" (Danny…that shithead...did he poison Ginny?)

After confirming that Ginny hadn't been poisoned, he stared straight at her and said, "I have to spend dates with Cassie! Help me!"

In this moment ofclichéddrama, Danny's voice broke the silence with, "Both of you. Out! Now!"


What had she done that merited this sort of punishment? Sure, she had scared certain members of the hospital staff witless, but well, they deserved it. And as for her being on everyone's blacklist, except for Ginny's, well, being on everyone's blacklist wasn't technically her fault. I mean, I didn't even want to work at the hospital. By all rights I shouldn't even-

Just then, Cassie stumbled out of her thoughts and into the handle of a broom. Cassie whirled around and glared at the offending, evil, menace of a broom.

Alas, Cassie's misfortunes had reduced her dignity to the point where she was willing to pace back and forth in the hospital storage closet. Uttering a cry of pure frustration, Cassie reached for the doorknob and opened the door. She stepped out of it and headed towards Devin's room, the source of all her woes, and was bent on a mission to destroy the cause of all her misery. (Unbeknownst to Cassie, Mrs. Amabilia had gotten to him first.)


Danny looked at Devin with a clenched jaw and an expression of extreme disgust, and the look Devin was displaying nearly mirrored the other boy's.


"Long time."

Ginny inched to the side…far enough so that she wouldn't get punched should blows be exchanged, but close enough to hear the venomous hisses being exchanged between the boys. Danny looked at Devin and his eyes narrowed as he sneered at him.

"Fucked up prep." Danny's lip curled as he said this.

"Dense punk." Devin's expression was one of utmost loathing.

The two boys started to circle each other.

And then, completely unexpected, the door was thrown open…and Cassie stood in the doorway. Then, she walked in. Unbeknownst to her, both of the guys were studying her intently. Danny had an eyebrow raised and Devin had an unhealthy obsessive glint in his eyes. The former sat there and wondered what would pop into his room next. (Hell?) Danny decided to put an end to the madness before his prediction came true. "That's it. Everyone, out of my room." Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Tyejumping pause sohe could stand on his bedand gloatthat he could finally spend the day alone with Danny again. Unfortunately for Tye, Danny wasn't in the mood to spend the day with a hyper seven-year-olds.

"Yes, that includes you Tye."

The self-satisfied grin slipped off ofTye's face.

Then, Devin and Danny caught the otherstaring at Cassie and started glaring at each other instead. Danny's lip curled up as he stared at Devin, and Devin felt himself tense up.

It turned out blue haired teen's guess earlier came close to being right, though. The door flew open suddenly as though all of hell was trying to enter room 280. All the individuals could see Mrs. Amabilia's form slowly shift into the doorway. "WHAT IS THIS?!" Her eyes shifted to the bag of candy still in Ginny's hand to Danny's suitcases on the floor to Danny's spazzy cousin. Then, she saw Danny, and her eyes widened. Her mouth nearly dropped, and she lifted an unsteady arm and its shaking finger in Danny's direction. "Mr. McAllister! What are you doing here?" Then, her eyes closed and one of her hands lifted up in his direction as she voiced her fears by saying, "No, wait, don't tell me. I would rather not-"

Cutting off Mrs. Amabilia Danny began to talk. "Well…it all began when I decided to jump off of your roof, since Sis wouldn't let me jump off of ours. Oh, and she was home, so I obviously had to go climb your roof-" Cassie stared unabashedly at the blue-haired teen. He was talking in a voice so calm it was as though he thought it were no surprise that he was jumping off his bitch of a neighbor's roof.

"WHAT?!" Apparently, Mrs. Amabilia did not think this was natural...

Despite her outburst, Danny continued on, as though Mrs. Amabilia hadn't said anything at all, "-and then, I guess I hit some gas switch or something, and well, let's just say Sis was cooking…"

The older nurse was hit with a wave of speechlessness. Quickly recovering, she said in a shaky voice, "…you… blew…up…my…house?" Mrs. Amabilia's voice cracked and reacheda hysterical note when she said house.

The blue-haired teen took one look at the expression on her face and uttered, with an unrepentant boyish grin, "Oops."


Cassie grumbled under her breath as she felt Devin lean onto her for more support. Then, she swayed dangerously to the side as they headed back towards room 276, and she inwardly cursed at this deadweight leaning against her. "Devin!"


"This has gone on long enough!" She emphasized this by shaking her shoulder until Devin's six-foot-something frame slipped and landed with a loud THWUNK on the floor.

The boy settled himself lazily and quite comfortably on the floor and tucked both of his arms behind his head. Realizing that he would regret saying this, he tapped his chin and drawled, "Do you usually do this to your boyfriend too?" Where'd that come from??? I'm supposed to murmuring seductive whispers...and uh, that came out. Why couldn't I just say 'Damn, you look hot and you've got the best ramming shoulder I've met with since wrestling...go out with me!'

She visibly stiffenedwhat he saidand glared down at his position on the floor. Stalking off as quickly as her stilettos would let her seemed to be the only way she could prevent herself from throwing a kick or two into Devin's stomach. Sadly enough, she was not quick enough to evade Devin who got up again and loped easily after Cassie until he caught up with her, which was an easy task. Finally falling into step, definitely not an easy task, they walked silently for about a minute, Devin trying to concentrate on making his strides shorter. Finally, Cassie broke the silence.

"You annoy me."

"And, as Rhett Butler so kindly quoted, frankly, I don't give a damn."

Cassie tilted her head giving Devin an opportunity to admire her upturned profile. She blinked twice at the sight that greeted her. This was the first time she had really gotten to look at him up close, and she grudgingly admitted to herself that the boy was passably decent. She quickly shook her head in an effort to shake out these thoughts, and closed her eyes as though trying to block him out. (I'm not normally like this! I'm so glad he can't hear me complimenting him. And I'm not boy-crazy…I'm the smart…sensible…slightly insane if I have voices talking inside my head…)

"Please go away."

A long silence followed Cassie's words. (Yes, this is the best way to go about this business! I cannot, will not be bothered by this bimbo. Wait, is that silence I hear? Did I make the idiot go away??) Cassie hesitantly opened one eye, but she was disappointed when she saw Devin standing beside her and looking unaffected by her words. (Why me?) She shot him an icy stare, hoping he'd take a hint, but Devin was drawn to her cold eyes as a moth is drawn to a deadly flame. (Which is just before the moth is fried to a crisp…shit. Must…get….away…) Frustrated, and thoroughly annoyed, Cassie turned away from him when she noticed the strange speculative look on his face. (Oddly enough, it reminds me of someone…)

"So,wheredo you go to school?" Is he some kind of stalker??

There was a long silence.

"Have fun this summer?" (Course not. I'm working here you dolt.)

Cassie was starting to hate the talkative idiot.

"So, why are you working here?" That's it...

Cassie couldn't take anymore. Devin realized that about two seconds, and he half-expected the redhead to start throwing punches in him, but was proved wrong. Instead, she roughly yanked out a three sticks of gum from her pocket and unwrapped each one in a deceptively calm manner whilst glaring at the poor boy. Then, she shoved three sticks into her mouth and started chewing noisily. (Devin wondered if Cassie was thinking something along the lines of, "This gum is Devin's head" with every loud chomp. With the same deathly calm, Cassie caught Devin staring at her and she looked straight into his eyes before saying, "Leave me alone."

Then, she promptly kicked him in the shin and threw a punch into his stomach.

Despite feeling intense pain, Devin made an exaggerated display of looking at his watch, and shrugging his shoulders helplessly uttered, "But we have another hour together…" in a way that could almost be called nonchalant Cassie had no idea what he was talking about...until she realized that he was talking about what she said earlier.

Then, she let out a wail of frustration and shoved both hands against his chest and threw the grinning black-haired teen into the wall before walking off.

Devin merely smiled at the girl's belligerence. He tried to smooth his now thoroughly messed up black hair and straightened up so he could follow her.

Cassie and Devin walked further down the hall until they were right outside of Devin's room. The sight of it filled her with such relief at finally being able to rid herself of this arrogant boy. She wanted him locked up for all eternity, but this wouldn't happen, so the next best thing was throwing him back into his room and running away as fast as she could. As soon as they entered, Cassie made a mad dash for the door…but there had been one fatal flaw to her brilliant plan. The prick had not followed her but had decided to stand smack-dab in the middle of the door, with his back to the hallway. Cassie ran right into Devin's chest, and she suspected the worse. (Noooo…now I'm going to fall on my face…and he's going to see...and then...gah! Earth! Swallow me up!) Much to Cassie's surprise, and irritation, the boy had managed to catch her…unfortunately, Devin seemed to be surprised too at thisamazing catch because he dropped her suddenlywith a look of surprise on his face.

Suddenly, as though sensing Cassie's now agitated mood, a group of girls stampeded down the hall outside and stopped right behind him, a view only accessible to Cassie from her vantage point on the floor.


Cassie almost couldn't believe her luck when the girls stormed inside, and pushed Devin away from the door and into the depths of the room. Immediately, the room was filled with a din of vapid voices.

"Oh my gawd! Devin THE GROUP MISSED YOU SO MUCH! I mean oh my gawd! We can't believe that you've been gone, for like, a whole year!"

"Awww, Devvy, you got hurt! Holy s! You look awfully mangled! Are you okay??"


"Honey-bunny, I missed your kisses. Oh my god! Your leg looks so bad and painful! Want me to massage your leg?"

"Shut up! He soooo kissed me more and you can't massage Devin!! Hey, Devvy, do you want me to sign your leg?" (I don't even have a cast.)


Cassie gagged as she heard the numerous insipid comments the 'Group' was issuing and hurried up so she could hurry outside to escape the chaos. The last thing she heard before she left was one of the girls yelling, "Aw Devvy…I got you real red roses!" At this, the girl waggled her eyebrows up and down suggestively and Devin resisted the strong urge to cringe.

Is there any other type of rose I should be aware of??

Cassie rolled her eyes and ran off. She had better things to do than listen to a group of her peers making fools of themselves in front of some arrogant prick.

Devin seemed to be oblivious to the chaos after noticing Cassie's absence. "Cassie? Where are you?"

The group seemed to simultaneously say, "Cassie? Who's she?"

One of the girls, apparently thinking she had been struck by a stroke of brilliance chirruped, "Oh! You got a cat?! I LOVE CATS!" How she came up with that was beyond Devin's comprehension.

The black-haired teen glared at them and grumbled, "You just couldn't give me one damned moment of peace could you? Shit, where'd Cassie go? Look…you guys scared her off. God damn it!"