Don't tell me not to worry,
Don't tell me not to hurt,
Don't tell me not to cry,
Because it isn't gonna work.

Your words of reassurance,
They just fade away.
.into nothing,
Just keep those words at bay.

Stop telling me the pain will go,
Stop telling me it'll cease to hurt,
'Coz right now it's burning,
A recurring curse.

You can't tell me to cheer up,
Don't wipe away my tears,
They are meant to be there,
They show you my fear.

I'm sick of being told to smile,
It's hard to when you're broken,
You try to smile when love is lost,
On your own heart you're choking.

I know myself it'll go away,
But it's another scar to hide,
I wish I never had to see you,
Because I had to say goodbye.

I knew you didn't feel the same,
So I know it's for the best,
And even though we've broken up,
There's nothing that I regret.

By Siobhan
Date: 25/August/2004