The amount of times I've thought of you,
The amount of times you've stained my dreams,
The way I can never avoid your face,
The way I swear we were meant to be.

This is something that's tainted my heart,
I know it shant ever leave,
And as I move on to other loves,
My love for you is still seen.

My soul has crumbled with the past,
The memories haunt behind my eyes,
But I still stand straight and brave,
Amongst all the lies.

My voice has ceased to wander,
My heart has ceased to beat,
My body is just a shell,
My soul is nothing to keep.

Your memory still shadows me,
I still feel you linger,
One more time to hold you,
One more grasp of the fingers.

Although you're still here,
I feel you're so far away,
So out of my reach,
So kept at bay.

By Siobhan
Date: 25/August/2004