Succuba of Dreams

I want to gore out my eyes,

And laugh as my eye-sockets burn in pain,

With no way to cry.

Do not hand me the knife,

For you will find I won't use it against an enemy,

But that I shall use it to run deep cuts up my arms,

And cut apart my lips,

So that there is no way to scream...

Though, I still will smile,

Slicing bits of flesh from my legs,

Bleeding dry upon the rocks,

Drowning in my own blood.

In blissful dreams,

I fall so far over a cliff,

Becoming impaled on the spikes below,

The sun forever burning me,

But only enough to cause agony,

Never killing me.

Hide me from its light.

My soul has dried up,

Torn with my mind,

As scissors bite me,

Screws rending the veins in my hands,

So the ravens scream in my ears,

Devouring my cast-off flesh,

And I become dazed in rapture,

My heart shrieking beneath my disguise...

Angelic headstones disintegrate beneath my touch,

Pulling me beneath,

To be smothered in the dirt under my feet.

My brothers are calling to me,

To the blackness below,

Blood trailing down my body,

Mixing with the black rainwater from above,

Coloring my flesh burgundy and purple,

Greyness swimming before my eyes.

From a fresh grave I look above,

A bloody hand coming to grab me,

And I giggle,

Awaiting death that I have already received,

From the impact upon my skull,

That crushed me,

Now invisible to all eyes.

Pulled to the earth above,

The hand dissolved,

I peel off my costume,

The black wings at my back revealed,

But no one is there to see,

My waxen skin,

Covered in tattoos of Lucifer's symbols; exposed,

Gold-black eyes that could set fire to the day become watchful,

My clothes black leather and velvet,

Shimmering, cast under the moon's light,

Looking almost human,

And almost angel,

But being neither...

And I fly off veiled by the night sky,

To conjure more nightmares,

Infants' screams to be caused by me...