Broken Identity
A few years ago, My heart was smashed with a hammer,
Pieces were scattered everywhere.
Some scattered to the far corners of who knows where
Some people just took them,
Because they wanted to hurt me for some reason.
Some people found a piece, saw they were dull,
And offered me a slightly shinier piece from their smashed hearts.
But for a long time after, my heart was smashed,
Even though I had a few new pieces,
I was still missing a bunch of pieces,
So a dark cloud clouded my vision, and no light seemed to come to me.
Last Night a bit of the cloud, began to evaporate.
I realized I had been standing on the small light
I needed for who knows how long.
I was able to see beyond the cloud.
Beyond my dark haze is love,
Not the kind that you may think of.
This love is a pure love,
One that God gives to people,
It is understanding,
It is uncomplicated friendships,
It is discovering a new side of person,
And discovering a new side of yourself.
It is a warmth
That can never be taken away.
It was a lost piece of me.
I am not sure where it was hiding,
It could have been there all along.
But it has helped me see the power I have,
That we all have.
To be able to find who we are,
To change things about us,
For us,
And not anyone else.
The power to try to find the piece of your identity
That are broken.
To better yourself,
To fulfill dreams.
We have the power
To fix our identity, and our hearts.
We just need a little help, sometimes,
From dear friends,
And the Shepard who watches over us all.