Misty nights, darkened skies
Cure for this contagious heart
Blissful song, truly wrong
Can we make a new start?

An endless fire, grey attire
In uniform they all walk
Solemn faces, death in traces
Reasons no more to talk

It's about war, falling tar
Soldiers endure no more
Army tanks, burning banks
I speak not of folklore

Load up guns, bombs in tons
For now it's time to kill
Heartless thoughts, not too smart
To destroy we must have skill

It's dangerous, entertain us
By shooting them all down
Not a heart, just the start
Watch as you learn how to frown

They don't care, only stare
As their loved ones fade away
Tears not left, all in debt
To music they can't ever sway

It's loyalty, losing ability
We call this universal love
Forgotten peace, time has ceased
Extinct is the pure white dove

It's getting worse, eternal curse
Bleak lands show the consequences
Newly arisen lust, traumatized trust
The atmosphere just tenses

Conflict in mind, each other we grind
It makes everyone out there smile
Sadistic eyes, decreasing army size
Watch them spluttering out bile

Empty streets, afraid to eat
Monotonous prayers are said
Leaking blood, mixing with mud
This white rose is now stained with red

Rifles carried by all, dead bodies fall
Is this my last day to live?
Frightening sleep, can't even breathe
Captives dying every second

You're a liar, just a buyer
Of innocent human gore
In denial, end this trial
Lock this smoldering door

They call it life, I call it strife
The war planes flying above
Drop the bomb, end this song
For murder they don't need a glove

We're in danger, all are strangers
Who do I run to ask for help?
Mass homicide, constructing ties
Did you just hear that distant yelp?

All are deaf, no one's blessed
Death has begun to taste sweet
Tiny hands, clutching slippery sands
Just out of reach is the treat

Enemy camps, wandering tramps
Handsome soldiers now look like them
Hollow cheeks, famished streaks
When will end this vindictive game?

Sleazy men, killing trend
This all must have a fruitful end
Yet empty this earth shall be
Empty...! Except for you and me