Everyday gray clouds obscure the sun,
Hide the moon and cloak the stars,
Never letting me see life's beauty,
Or promises.
All I see are storm clouds,
Pouring rain upon my soul,
Dampening my spirits and soaking my heart with sorrow.

Everyday my blind eyes never see the sun,
The blooming of a rose, the twinkle in your eyes.
I cannot see you smile fondly at me,
And thus cannot return the gesture.
All I know is darkness in my heart,
Erasing the promise of light,
Eliminating the dawn with everlasting darkness.

Everyday my ears hear unjust cruelty,
Of reality's humanity.
I do not hear a child's laugh,
Do not hear your whispered words.
I hear only shouts and jeers,
Like darts within my being,
poisoning my days.

Everyday I long for you,
Cry out for you to ease my pain,
Chase away my sorrow and my misery.
I often find myself alone,
Without you by my side.
This is what I see,
This is what I hear,
This is what I long for,