Hello, everyone.

First, the good news: there's more Magicademy!

Check my profile - if it's not there already, there will soon be the first part of a three-part story, "Magicademy: Summer Break." Yes, we do in fact get to see what everyone does over their summer break - okay, not everyone, but a lot of the cast makes an appearance one way or another. I had a lot of fun with this one, though it does make me wish that I could have gone to Hawaii to research.

Second, the odd news: I'm asking for your help.

You see, back in March, I decided to take the advice of some of you who were so kind as to make comments about Magicademy, and I submitted a version of the story to TokyoPop, in the hopes that it'd get made into a manga. Sadly, it was rejected about a month later, though they did say they were impressed. They also missed one key point - Magicademy is, at its heart, a college story, not just another tale of a school where people use magik.

Two weeks ago, I submitted a new version of the Magicademy manga version to TokyoPop. And now, this is where you (hopefully) come in.

Here's what I'm asking for: if you truly love reading Magicademy, I would like for you to write to TokyoPop's submission department and tell them that you want to see it published as a manga. Don't do it right now! Read the rest of this first.

My submission to TokyoPop was titled "Arts Magika University," as I think that makes a better title for a manga and so forth. If you want to see it published, write to mangaka(at)tokyopop(dot)com ((write it as a regular e-mail address; this site won't let me use symbols and tried to remove the address if I type it as it should be)) and tell them that you're a fan of "Arts Magika University" by Mason T. Matchak, and tell them why you want to see it published.

Please: do not beg, do not threaten, do not whine, do not be anything but polite in your e-mail. Do not e-mail more than once. If something comes of this, I will post a new part here to let everyone know.

Thank you. I'm hoping for the best with this one, and I figured there would be no better way to let TokyoPop know that people like this story than to have y'all tell them yourselves. I truly, truly appreciate this.

And now, one final thing: yes, there will be more Magicademy after Summer Break. It'll be a while, but I currently have plans for the third and final part of the story, Magicademy: Senior Year. I don't know when I'll start it, likely not until 2007, but I promise you that it is coming.

Until next time, this is Moose, signing off.