Two sisters, both alike in body and mind,

In fair Ocean View, where we lay our being.

From birth break to a lifelong bind,

Where their death brings on more feeling.

From forth the happiness of these two twins,

A pair of angels take their bodies up above.

Whose long graceful hands piteously take them to their kin,

Doth with their death bring more meaning to their family's love.

The fearful two weeks of their short lived lives,

And the continuance of their family's sadness,

Which, but their happiness during their time on Earth, naught could revive,

Is now the two little angels of our stage;

The which if you with tissues attend,

What here shall miss, our love shall strive to mend.


Ocean View is a cemetery in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

This was written as a school assignment. Some of the words were taken from the prologue from Romeo and Juliet but we were asked to fill in the others on our own.