HUMANS: often considered to be a magicless creature, the human race often depends on tools either mystical or technological in nature to aid them. Humans have a high potential for magic and are the basis for creatures like vampires, werewolves, and sorcerers. Still they outnumber any sentient species on earth fifty to one at least.

VAMPIRES: defined by their thirst for blood and vulnerability to sunlight, vampires are one of the strongest and most numerous of the "monster" races. They possess preternatural senses and strength as well as various magical powers pertaining to their lineage. They can only be killed by exposure to sunlight, decapitation, incineration, or by having a wooden stake driven into their heart. To procreate a vampire will drain the blood of a human and feed the human it's blood in turn. Only one family of vampire has ever reproduced sexually, the Dracula family. If a human was to feed of the blood of a vampire without being drained first the result would drive the human insane, with a obsession to serve he who's blood is in their veins. These unfortunate beings are called bug eaters.

WEREWOLVES: also referred to as lacanthropes, werewolves are beings with the ability to transform into powerful wolf-like creatures. Their power rises and falls subtly with the fazes of the moon. While young and inexperienced werewolves are forced to transform at the moment of their greatest energy level, the full moon, the majority of these creatures can change at will. They are vulnerable to the herb known as wolvesbane although the plant cannot kill them. A werewolf can only be killed if it is dealt a fatal blow with a silver tool. A werewolf can procreate through bite or birth, mating with either a human or another werewolf of opposite sex

WENDIGO: also a lacanthrope, the wendigo is similar in many ways to it's cousin the werewolf. Although this catlike monster race is ageless and has the strength and speed of a werewolf it lacks the werewolf's near invulnerability. Also the wendigo cannot procreate by biting it's victim. They reproduce strictly sexually.

THE SHEE: best represented by it's most famous villain, Ban'shee. These creatures can fly, phase through solid objects, and hypnotize, kill, or shatter steal with their mystical voices. All Shee are female. They reproduce by mating with human males. Their dominate genes produce more female Shees no matter what.

GORGON: once a peace loving race of artists and musicians. These creatures are now considered the deadliest beings on the planet. With steal hard skin, concentrated acid for blood, razor sharp claws, and the ability to turn anything they look at to stone. They are a force to be reckoned with. Contrary to popular myth, the gorgon's stare does not require you to look at it. The gorgon's power is line of sight only. They have to see you.

HARPY: half human half vulture in appearance, these carnivorous and often cannibalistic beings are vicious and cold hearted. Their society exists with no laws and is led by the most cruel and most powerful among them.

CUPIDS: unlike the harpy these winged men and women distance themselves from fighting as much as possible. They are legendary bowmen and possess arrows capable of casting powerful love or hate spells on anyone struck by them. While they do train warriors they depend mainly on their ability to cloak themselves from people's senses to defend themselves.

INCUBUS/SUCUBUS: beings that drain the life energy of others to increase their power and lifespan. There is a natural acuring race of these beings which are rarely seen. More common are those that take life-force through use of spells or devises. Though not a part of the natural race these beings hold the title of incubus, or succubus. (incubus: male/ succubus: female)

ELF: human-like beings averaging about four feet in height. They have pointed ears and light complexions. They possess great magic which they use primarily in domestic areas they are fast and agile. They are on average well tempered and even headed.

DWARF: rude, greedy, self absorbed, and ill tempered by nature a dwarf averages about four feet in height. They tend to be bulkier and stalkier than elves. Dwarves are legendary builders, capable of creating items of unmatchable beauty, strength, and magic.

WITCH/ WARLOCK: one of the elite in the magic wielding races. The witches use witchcraft, the art of casting spells and making potions to alter the flow of magic and change the physical or spiritual word. Witches society is based on this ability. Most devote their entire lives to the study and use of their craft. It should be noted, witches/ warlocks are a separate race from humans and have always been. (Witch; female/ warlock: male)

CENTAUR: human in appearance from the waist up, but with the body of a horse from the waist down. Centaurs are fast and strong. In fact the upper body strength of a centaur is equal to ten humans. This is a necessity for their well being. Their upper body is designed to hold and if need be carry their lower body weight.

MINITAUR: these large supernaturals are among the strongest on the earth. Their hoofed feet are harder than granite and their bones are harder still. These creatures are humanoid to some degree but much larger. They have a head resembling that of a bull and very dark brownish complexion. The average minitaur can lift over twenty times his half ton weight and their stamina is next to none.

OGRE: these large humanoid creatures have a lion-like face and a skull three and a half inches thick. It's bones are even harder than that of a minitaur and possesses twice the strength. Unfortunately the small size of the ogre's brain limits their intellect. The female of the species has a lighter complexion and broader shoulders. unpreportionate to their bodies by human standards. This is needed because the female carries it's young on her back to protect it until adolescents. Though humanoid to some extent, the ogre race are not mammals. They giv4e birth to live young, but lack the mammary glands to nurse. The children eat meat as soon as they are born

GOBLINS: standing at an average of about four and a half feet, only slightly taller than elves or dwarves, goblins do not have the muscle mass to effectively move their heavy set bodies and dense skeleton above ground. Their arms extend nearly the length of their bodies and make up a third of their body weight. Their legs are short and stubby, and give them little support on land. Their mouth makes up half their face and their ears crook to resemble horns. They have no neck and are considered one of the most wretched of the supernaturals. When underground, with the soil supporting their weight though, they are hard to fight. They drag their victims under the soil where the whole goblin tribe will feast upon it.

TROLL: a close cousin to the ogre race. These ugly brutes are nomadic and vicious. Their teeth can tear through stone, which means they will eat anything they can kill. These nocturnal beasts can not go into the light of day for fear of being turned to stone be the sun's rays, so they are often found by day hiding in caves or under bridges. A troll will almost always be found with his or her hair bound in two long tails draping down their backs. This is tradition and rarely not followed. Most trolls will kill themselves than face the shame of loosing what they call their "poohva"

GREMLIN: thought to be a cousin to the goblin race because of their long bulky arms. These creatures are the most feared and hated in all of the supernatural races. It's reptilian like skin and monkey like movements and build have earned it the nick-name "the rough tail". Gremlins have a natural curiosity and love to take things apart, toys, tanks guns, people. They are feral, non-sentient beings that will kill anything they see. To this end they uses a neural toxin in their saliva that slowly eats at the victims nervous system. The venom takes days to kill, giving the gremlin plenty of time to explore.

LAGONIAN: often referred to as the creatures from the black lagoon. This race was driven there long ago and has since returned to it's natural habitat. In the deep high pressured canyons on the ocean's floor. They are a violent race of warriors that surpress their emotions for clarity of thought and quickness of reaction. They breed in high numbers but many die in childhood. While their numbers are great they are rarely seen by any other race. Unlike mermaids or mermen, Lagonians do have finned legs with taloned feet. They can thrive on land as long as they are around a source of water. They do not eat, but absorb water through their skins for a type of hydro electric energy.

MERMEN/ MERMAIDS: human in appearance from the waist up but dolphin-like in their lower body. These beings live in the shallow continental shelf around lands near the equator. They cannot descend very deep into the water. Their bodies cannot withstand the pressure of the lower levels of the ocean. They can breath in both water and open air, but lack of legs keep them from venturing onto land.

GHOSTS: the first of the beings called spirit creatures. A ghost is the soul, or magical essence of a deceased physical being. Ghosts are seen and sometimes heard but have no substance. They cannot move physical matter. Ghosts are lost between one plane of existence and another and cannot move on for one reason or another. They possess no threat to creatures of the physical plane.

PHANTOMS: a phantom is the second of the spirit creature. Unlike ghosts, phantoms have a physical form composed of their spirit's energy and can affect things inside our plane. They are tied to an object pertaining to their physical life and can be forced on to the next plane if the item is destroyed. Phantoms are strong and fast. They often know nothing of their former life and will often act with a totally different personality.

WRAITH: the third of the spirit creatures. Wraiths are brought back for one reason and one reason only, revenge. They cannot be killed or sent to the next plane until the being it is after has died. wraiths have a physical form and possess strength and skills they did not in their past lives.

POLTERGEIST : poltergeists are the fourth of the spirit creatures they do not have bodies like the phantom or wraith, but are still able to affect objects or beings in this plane by manipulating the energies it is composed of. They will possess objects or people to accomplish their goals. Still they must work within their own energy levels or deplete and destroy themselves.

SHADE: the last of the spirit creatures. The shade is an anomaly. It is tied to the place of it's past life's death, and normally cannot be moved from this spot. Strangely, there have been cases of both bodied and disembodied shades. Even more strangely, there have been cases of shades procreating with living beings. The shade has a wide range of variation. It has been called the "other" section of the spirit creatures by many for just this reason.

ZOMBIE: a corpse animated to a semblance of life by the magical art known as voodoo. Zombies are mindless beings that serve only the one who created them. They are three times as strong as the body was in life and feel no pain or fear. Beyond that a zombie is nearly invincible. Even if it is blown to pieces the pieces will work to accomplish whatever order it was given.

MUMMY: a mummy is a corpse reanimated by an ancient Egyptian form of magic. Unlike a zombie, the corpse must be prepared by the mummification ritual before it would be capable of rising. Also, a mummy will hold ancient magic if animated. Powers of transformation in some but total control of all the elements and use of ancient spells in those of powerful royal blood.

GARGOYLE: a winged monster with skin of stone. Gargoyles are strong and intelligent. They can fly, but not for great lengths of time or over long distances. They live in large clans in cool temperate areas. Some live in the hotter areas closer to the equator but they are smaller and fewer in numbers. Gargoyles lay eggs after mating, still they nurse their young like mammals. Their mating drive is primitive, the females falling into periods of heat. Love rarely enters into the matter.

MUTATE: a genetically engineered supernatural born of a mixture of science and magic. They were created in the year two thousand twenty four, during the second year of the war between supernaturals and humans. They are bred only to fight. Each is given mastery over one force in nature through implanted knowledge of sorcery.

SHAPESHIFTER: a race scattered to the corners of the earth since before recorded history. They can appear as anyone or anything they wish. They are humanoid in their natural form, with only the ridges on their jaws to separate them from humanity. The shapeshifters interbreed with humanity, their dominate genes giving birth to pure blooded shapeshifters, with no human traits.

SORCERER/ SORCERESS: these beings are actually humans which have such a potent magical flow through them they can no longer be considered human. The ability to cast spells through the art of sorcery and their prolonged life sets them apart from other humans. These magic wielders are the most common and very in power, technique, and spells as you go from caste to caste.

WICCAN: related very closely to the Witches and Warlocks. The Wiccans look more to nature for their magic. While the two races have spells either race can use, each possesses powers the other cannot duplicate. Wiccans do not have the centralized society the witch's do. Their race is scattered across the world. They do however carry the same believe structure the witch's follow.

MAGE: a human or often half human capable of using fairy magic.

WIZARD: the most noble and powerful of the magic wielders. Wizards are rare and sought after, since the purge Dracula started in the war between humans and monsters. Most are wise and knowing, capable of moving mountains with a word or gesture. Most are good and kind, willing to help anyone who asks in a just cause. Though ageless they are mortal, bound by the physiology of the race they were born into. Though their have been no non-human wizards born on earth save the half demon Merlin and his daughter, there are many others in the universe spawned from many different races.

FAIRY: not much is known about the fairy race. They are beings of incredible power. Some say they are made of pure magic, with only the illusion of flesh and blood. They are immortal creatures, vulnerable to solid iron, but otherwise unkillable. In what is suspected to be there natural form they are small winged creatures of humanoid shape.

LEPRECHAUN: leprechauns are about five inches in height, but with magical powers greater than even a fairy's. They are greedy and secluded. They live by laws that forbid them contact with mankind. The penalty for breaking this law is servitude to the human that discovers them for the length of three wishes.

GOLEM: the term used to name any creature given life through magic, but made of inanimate material. The two most known golems are the one counted in Jewish myth made of clay but given life, and the monster of Frankenstein made of sewn together dead body parts and animated with the magic of lightning.

SASQUACH: this bear-like race is common legend but rarely seen. Sasquach have the power to teleport to safety if threatened. Their power is limited. They can only teleport to a place that they have been to before. They use this magic to keep to themselves in the high mountain forests. The white furred version of these creatures, the yeti is also counted under this classification.

INCARNATION. Beings such as the boogyman and the sandman. Incarnations are beings brought about through widespread belief in them. They are brought to life by the magic itself and are immensely powerful. These creatures take on the life they were said to have before their creation. It takes millions of people believing in such a being for centuries to bring about a physical incarnation.

PIXIE: the pixie are a race of five to six inch tall humanoid creatures with the wings of a butterfly. Their wings glow with a soft shine as they fly. While they have no magical powers of their own they have created many recipes and mystical potions that heal and enhance the body. They live in the forests of the earth in hallowed trees and small caves.

ORACLE: the Norsemen called them the Norns. The Greeks called them the Fates. They are timeless creatures with the coveted power to see both past and future. Though they do not age they can be killed, in which case another is born with the gift at the same instant. There are always three of these mystic beings at all time.

GIANT: few in number but the race makes up for it in sheer size. The average giant is as tall as a mountain. In fact, Many have fallen asleep and gathered dust over centuries of time. That is exactly what they became. Giants are said to be as old as the earth itself. Many sleep for millennia in long hibernation cycles. Those that are awake spend their time with simple pleasures, swimming, playing with rocks. They are happy people and good hearted.

NYMPH: the embodied soul of a tree or river. Nymphs are free spirits that live often ignorant of the darkness in the world. They have no concept of good or evil. They take the form of beautiful women and play among the forest in total innocence.

FROST GIANT: the Norwegian monsters are half the size of true giants and composed of glacier ice. They are vicious and warlike, raiding and destroying out of pure sadistic joy. The frost giants have no knowledge of technology and fight with crude ice weapons. They fight primarily amongst themselves.

IMP: tiny creatures with rough wood-like skin. They are sentient, but with only a caveman's level of intelligence. They fight with tooth and claw and dry their victim's body out by opening the body up and sun baking it before they eat it. They will only attack a bigger prey if they have the numbers to bring it down. The imp's main source of food are woodland animals. Once a hive of imps is settled all must die if you are to be rid of them. The imp race is asexual and can multiply at their pleasure.

GNOME: tiny forest dwelling humanoids. They average four to five inches in height and live in tunnels burrowed underneath the trees in the woods of England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, and America. They are peaceful and civilized. They have no magic and refuse to use human technology.

WAROID: a witch made android made as an extenuation of the witch's body. The wariod's were created to fight in the war between humans and monsters in the witches stead. To function they were given half the soul of their creator. Many became sentient.

CYBORG: a creature of science and not magic. A cyborg is a being enhanced by machinery and technology. Such could be done to any living thing, so it is not truly a race, but a variation of the known races that needed to be addressed

ANDROID: a humanoid machine, a robot with pretend flesh and wires underneath. Most were destroyed in the war between man and monsters, for fear of the non-human androids turning against their human creators.

SATRE: the upper body of a man and the lower body of the hind end of a goat. Satres are tricksters and unruly child-like pranksters. They do as they please with no regard for others. They are slaves to there appetites for alcohol, women and excitement. The satre race is all male. They breed with nymphs and human woman to procreate.

DEMONS: every demon is different. No two look alike. Some are horned while others are made of tentacles, some have wings while others are decorated with blades. All thirst for death and destruction. Whether or not the race actually comes from the pits of hell is debated but they are one of the largest races on the planet.

AVITAR: a being possessed by a spirit creature. The added magic gives the avatar more power than the sum of the two parts. Avatar's are one of the spirit creature's primary modes of transportation.

DRAGON: lizard-like fire breathing beasts. Their size and strength depends on it's breed but all are sentient. They have little to do with mankind and respect strength and power above all else. They are ageless, living millennia or even eons.

UNICORN: the most noble and treasured of all beings. All but gone from the earth the unicorn, the horned mare or stallion, is counted as the purest and greatest of forces alive. To see one is to see the greatest of creations.

MANTICOR: the body of a lion the, head of a man, the tail of a scorpion and the wings of a dragon. It is debated weather or not this creature is sentient but it is deadly. It's venom can kill even the biggest of dragons in days.

PHENOEX: the fire bird that dies in flame but rises from he ashes. No one has seen one since the fall of Greece but the giant flaming bird is still out there some where.

GRIFFON: a lion with the head and wings of an eagle. These beasts dot Europe. They make nests of fallen trees and hunt in the vast woods of countries like Spain southern France and Italy.

SPHINX. This race is thought to be extinct in current times. It has the face of a man the body of a lion and the wings of an eagle.

BASILISK: the small fiery lizard with the power to petrify anything it looks at, turning it to solid stone. These tiny dangerous critters have spread across the globe. Their only predators are the sentient humanoids. Even dragons and manticor stay as far as they can from the little bastards.

SANDSHARKS: subterranean predators vaguely resembling sharks. They are long, thin, worm-like hunters with long elegant fins that push it through the loose sands of the desert. The sandsharks were engineered for the war between man and monster.