Crimson tears spill down my cheek
My heart stabbed through with a merciless, cold, steel knife.
I cannot breathe, I cannot think, I cannot move.
I can only weep.
I am awash with blood, but it is not my own.
Nor did I spill it.
A global cup full of hatred
Teeters dangerously on the edge
And once spilt, it flows freely.
It is a tidal wave, pouring over the land,
Seizing the innocents with its menacing grasp.
It does not stop,
Heeding not the terrified screams of its victims.
Hate never does.
The crimson waves crash heavily over the people
All so self-absorbed, they notice not what is happening
Until it rushes straight over them.
And then, for the whole world over
It is too late.