The Voice Inside of Me
P.S this poem was done a long time ago. I thought i should post it. Its
pretty cool, but not AS good as my others.
R&R plz__
I'm that voice calling to you.
Do you remember me?
I'm the one that gave you a place to hide.
To hide from those that haunted your dreams.
Those who made you paranoid.
Looking over your shoulder you always comes.
Awaiting for the hurt that always comes.
You expect the worst,
So you are always prepared.
But once you let your gaurd down,
They will be waiting for you.
Do you remember the time your barrier fell?
Do you remember the emotional hurt?
Do you remember the pain you felt?
I know you remember.
I know you remember that you suffered much.
There was no gain in the end,
As much as people like to pretend.
Only loss.
What have I told you?
Keep your emotions locked inside,
Don't let people in,
Just hide.
No damage,
No pain.
So simple,
Much gain.
I know how you feel,
After all,
We are each other.
Don't cry,
Lift your head.
Give your life a few more days.
Just enough to find the one.
You have a special gift,
And so you have found your love,
But something is wrong.
Always is it the man you can not have?
Painful the truth is to hear,
But you are me,
And we are not destined to live happily.
Stop living for the false hope.
I'm sick and tired of giving you advice.
Sick and tired of wrong and right.
You are to die in a small alcove,
In your tiny little room,
Die with your nightmares,
Twisted with your emotions,
Close your eyes and it will take you far.
So many things inside,
Trying to take over.
You darkest thoughts,
Your deepest secrets.
Hidden from the light,
Hidden from what is right.
You will always suffer,
You knew it all along.
You knew you could never have a lover,
You knew he would be token away.
The truth is,
There is no one,
No one loves you.
NO ONE that loves you for you
NO ONE that CARES for YOU!
Face the truth.
Stop hiding.
Don't even bother searching,
No answer will come.
You will find no one.
You are a troubled child,
And no one wants a troubled mind.
Can you hear me?
Look inside yourself,
Deep down.
You will see the bitter truth.
When was the last time someone said,
"I love you"?
No one has ever said that to you.
No one loves you!
_ _
No matter how many good things you have done.
You are nothing.
Only another speck on the planet.
Easily replaced.
No one cared if you happened to disappear.
No one would care if you died.
No one would remember the little one with a big heart.
A big heart,
Filled with love,
And *NONE* to share it with.
You want healing?
*I'LL give you healing.
Seek out the eternal healing,
Achieved in only one way.
Do that,
And your suffering would be over.
_ _
Ignoring me?
No, you could never ignore me,
After all,
I am your concience.