They cast their stones
Out at one of their own.
His wings are torn and
Bleeding his regrets.
As he falls down to earth
He hears a single song.
Take the blindfold
Off your eyes!
See? The world is
So much more!
Hello, my fallen angel,
Even if you've lost
Your wings,
They don't mean
Anything here.
You're no broken angel,
Don't cry...
When the rain pours down,
In a sensless city,
Crumbling walls of stone...
Call me anytime, angel
I'll be waiting for you.
Will he always live
This life, this way?
He remembers the voice
That sang out to him.
When he found it, hee
finds his angel, too.
With eyes unclouded,
You and me will see
So much more!
Hello, my hidden angel
Though you never Had
snowy wings to fly,
You know exactly
How it feels
You're no unwanted angel,
You're mine.