Running, running through the dark,
Away from the calling of the lark,
Hiding from the suns warm rays,
Cringing from the promise of better days.
Crying out in pain at the sparkling stars,
Licking blood from endless scars.
Finding ecstasy in pain from sticks and stones,
Loving the ripping and tearing of a soul all alone.
Reveling in the feel of blood flowing from a broken heart,
Shot straight through with a golden dart.
Hatred replenishing a wasted life,
Drinking in life's sins and strife.
So lost in a self constructed world of everlasting night,
A night the dawn will never fight.
A land inhabited by spirits of dead memories and dreams,
Where the sky is black from endless screams.
Dying fish gasping for air in a river of crimson tears,
Trees growing deformed and twisted by nagging fears.
So afraid of love,
And the bright white wings of a morning dove.
Fear turned into searing hate,
Realizing far too late,
The horror infested land constructed from the pain within,
Crawling with evil and deadly sin.
A prisoner in a trap of the mind,
Looking for love one will never find.