A wee bit different AND confusing. Ok. Think of this as like a good and
evil battle between your conscience. The evil side will start be in "". The
good side will just be plain and simple. Ok. This is not meant for
anything. The main point I'm getting at is just how much I hate me. (. This
has nothing to do with the guy or anything, it just popped into my head as
a good way to insult myself. The person who is reading this now should know
now why I put it up. Ok. Ok then on with the poem.

Can he learn to love me?
"No you're unlovable"
Can he learn to trust me?
"No you're untrustable"
Maybe he can learn
"Ha, who are you kidding?"
It's possible to not hurt
"You must be joking"
I know he loves me
"But for how long"
I know he needs
"That where you're wrong"
"He will never need you"
"Never has, never will"
"What he needs is booze"
"Always has, always will"
People can change
It's happened before
I know he can change
"Not anymore"
"You selfish bitch"
"Who'd really change for you?"
"You ain't worth a cent"
"You've even got proof"
"Let's consider Jeremy"
"Now he was fun"
Yea, but.
"You'd really think he'd stay"
"No he had his fun"
This guy's not like that
He's so much better than him
This guy's got class
"More class than him?"
"Better than him?"
"You think this guy's better?"
"What's he gonna think"
"When he finds this letter?"
He won't ever find it
I'll bury it deep
"You're wrong, my dearest"
"He'll find it eventually"
"He'll think you're fuckin crazy"
"And I don't blame him"
"He'll think you're crazy"
For talking to my conscience
You're only half of what I think
"Half is enough"
"To make you think"
"You're worthless"
"So fuckin' ugly"
No, no
"Completely hopeless"
"It's what we both see"
"Both me and him"
"He's just too shy"
"To bring it to attention"
"Bring it to your eye"
Shut up
"Ha, you know I'm right"
"No denying it"
Shut up!!!
"No escape tonight"
You're fuckin stupid
He really cares
His eyes say so
He'll always be there
Eyes don't lie
They can't hide truth
See his eyes
"Ha, fuck you"
"He masks his eyes"
"Like he masks his world"
"See he lies"
No he doesn't
"Welcome to my world"
Get the hell away
I don't want your world
Stay the fuck away
"You gonna take his word?"
"When have I"
"Ever proved to be wrong"
Lots of times
"But time is long"
You said I'd have no one
There to hold me
You said no one
Could ever be with me
Look now, I got someone
But you already know
He is not no one
"Yea, so.?"
You picked the wrong the door
I'm not alone
Not anymore
Shut the fuck up
You know you're wrong
I found love
Love knows you're wrong
So go away
Leave me alone
"I still say you're crazy"
Yea you would know