I lay at home like a little child
You come in; I can tell you're riled
You scream, shout, beat me hard
And then I run, cry, and hide in the dark

Why you come home like this
Fight with me you insist
I'm now bruised and battered
Even though I say I'm sorry
My heart you took and shattered
Now there is blood on me

Blood streams down my face
You set it on and ablaze
Blood covers my hands
I tie them up with bands
Blood drips down my arm
The faint sound of an alarm
Blood pours on my legs
While I sit, pray, and beg
The door to my life you shut
And covered it with blood

My eye is colored black and blue
Do you even know what you do?
My finger I think it might have ripped
I can't take anymore; I don't want this

Hospital records off the chart
Fixed up just so you can start
So broken down don't think I ever was
I wake up every morning and I cry
But I don't have to worry cause
Blood will make me die


Look at me
I can't believe what I see
All sweaty
Cause you won't let me be
Always think
In the small little blink
All these cuts
And all that comes out is blood

Sit and cry
As you go good-bye
Sit and cry
All you say are lies
Sit and cry
But I don't have to worry right
Sit and cry
Cause blood will make me die

(Chorus 3x)