Gunshots fired at will
People winding up dead
Policemen fight with their skill
But it's all in my head

A man bloodied and bruised
In his back; a bullet
His face; all over the news
But it's all in my head

Hallucinations are forming
Continually playing
It's hard to ignore them
There is no escaping

Why won't this curse leave me alone?
All I want is to stop crawling
I've never seen them before; they're unknown
I wish I knew but it's all, but it's all falling

Screaming higher; shouting
Knife stabs start to bleed
All hope is doubting
But it's al in my dream

Murderers killing
People trying to scream
Criminals stealing
But it's all make believe

Visuals are scaring
I'm so lost in my time
Nightmares are tearing
Me apart and my mind

(Chorus 2x)

I'm know I need to find some help
My problems are getting worse
These nightmares that I've felt
I wanna get rid of this curse

I'm not a psychotic patient
But I need to get away
I'm not a messenger
I just wanna start a new day

(Chorus 4x)