"What have you done?" she hissed, her eyes alighting with the rage of hell. "What have you done!"

I felt cold, and I couldn't believe what had just happened to me. I thought I freaking died. All I remembered was a knife in my chest-

I looked down and screamed. The hilt was still stuck in my flesh, jutting through my ribs. Yet I felt nothing. Was I some kind of monster, a zombie of this demon she served? I would have rather died.

But, she looked angry, well, furious. I calmed down a little, after all, if she was that mad, I couldn't have ended up the way she wanted, could I have. But she wanted me dead, and somehow I wasn't. But there was still evidence in me that right now I could very well be dead. And for what purpose? Something in me, something I had been holding tight onto for a long time, something I covered under easy compliance and smart remarks, just snapped.

"What the heck is going on here?" I didn't know whom I was screaming too; I think I may have been a little bit insane. After all, who wants to look down and find a knife in their heart?

"What the heck is going on? What the heck? All I wanted to do was what people told me. All I wanted to do, okay? They said you'll have visions, so I get ripped away from my family! Gone, my mother died, now my father's dead. I'll NEVER see him, never! Visions, huh, Visions! Okay, so now I have visions, but nothing I can remember well! So what was the point? Yeah, what was the freaking point? And now I travel around, and around, and around, going absolutely, positively nowhere with a selfish, idiotic, bitch, and her puppy dog-no good, immortal, blasted fool! To do what? To do what! Find a 'sword', that I don't even get, and now here we are, stuck in the camp from hell with you, a demon serving, sadistic twit. And I have a freaking KNIFE sticking out of my chest!"

My chest was heaving; I stood up on the marble, swinging my gaze from eye to eye of everyone in the room, not even knowing what I was doing, or seeing who it was I addressed. I was mad. MAD.

The room was turning red, and I would have opened my mouth for another rampage had not the man with no soul grabbed me, and covered my lips with one hand.

"Priestess." He said only one word, and that calmed me down a little. I wondered, kind of, what I had just been doing. That woman should have killed me, then and there.

She was looking at me with something I couldn't identify in her eyes; it wasn't rage any longer. I thought, I thought it might have been fear-but why? I turned to find Jon and Allyrine, but just as I did so, the man swept me off the marble and set me in front of the Priestess.

"What are you?" she whispered. "You retain your soul. Are you one of Hamma's Fold?"

I didn't know what she asked, I had never heard of Hamma's Fold, or anything similar. I assumed they were speaking of Nelhamma, but still, I didn't know what that would mean to them. Heathen's don't worship him who gave us life.

But I nodded. If she feared one of his Fold, maybe we could get out. But then, she smiled, and I knew I had made a terrible mistake. It was not fear in her eyes, but deception.

"My master can not have you, but I know of one who can. You are not protected from her." She smiled triumphantly. "I will have your friends for me, even if they aren't as strong as your force, they'll do. And you, yes…" she trailed off, and giggled. Again, I thought she might be truly insane.

"Take her to the Transer."

My eyes widened, if we were going to a Transer, then I would be sent very, very far away. How could I help Jon? How would we find each other? I wouldn't even accept the possibility that he might be dead by the time we could meet. No, I wouldn't see it.

I turned my head to Jon, but saw nothing in his sapphire gaze to help me. I wasn't going to bother looking at Allyrine. I felt helpless, and stupid. I had learned some fighting skills, sure, but I had no weapon. And I was badly out of practice, besides, I could-maybe-fight one man. But here were twenty, maybe more, plus a Priestess, and whatever her magical skills. No way. I was good as beaten the minute I started a fight.

My best bet would be to feign acceptance until I could escape, and find someone else strong enough to help. But it would undoubtedly be too late for Allyrine and Jon, for though he fought, I knew he couldn't leave without Allyrine. And she was no warrior.

"Throw her in the hold. We'll send her off tomorrow, and hopefully, my master will reward us for her soul to his mistress. Go!"

I found myself being pulled along again, and as I looked at Jon's back, tears stung at my eyes. He turned his head to me, slowly, as if some strange force was pulling him, and I saw a peculiar light shine from his eyes. Why did he have to do that?

And then he was gone; I was going through the village, it was mainly deserted, no women or children running around, no food, no livestock. This wasn't a village, it was a cult. It wasn't a long way to my new destination; we stopped in front of a nasty looking wooden structure, and the man grabbed the door.

He swung it open, and in one smooth motion, shoved me inside. I let out a short, harsh gasp as I fell a couple of feet in a hole of earth, narrow, and about a three-person length over my head.

Ouch. He slammed the door shut, after putting a metal grate over the top of the dank pit, and left me alone in the silence and the dark.

I settled back, wondering how in the world I was going to get myself, and Jon, and, unfortunately, Allyrine, out of this. At least I tried to think, until I leapt up with a shriek. Something had touched my leg.

I wasn't alone down here.