Silver rings adorn pale hands,
Waves of the sea wash away the sands of Time,
Silver bells ringing for Angel wings.
Black nail polish upon chewed off nails,
Sparkling stars lighting up the night,
Black souls drowning in their plight.
Red lipstick glistening from soft, sweet lips,
Roses open their petals to the dawn,
Red blood spills from broken hearts.
Gold earrings dangling from delicate ears,
Pale moonlight shining through a windowpane,
Gold wings of butterflies flying in the sky.
Brown eyes spilling crimson tears,
Rivers of sorrow flow through dead lands,
Brown leaves trampled beneath soft feet.
Silver, black, red, brown, and gold,
Colors of sad stories told.
What we fight for,
What we live for,
Our lives depend on that and this,
Forever seeking eternal bliss.
Disappointment tears and burns,
As the world forever turns.