God is most people's salvation but not mine. I just don't love Him or
believe in Him.

At times I feel Him around me. I always tend to push and run away from His
loving mercy.

I've been through so much and I blame Him. I hate Him for all that pain
I've received physically and emotionally. To this day I still feel it.

I suffer from strong depression. My wrists are trust facts of that, the
several times I've tried to rid it all. The scars are what I feel.
I blame Him!

I'm forced to attend Church every Sunday and Holy Day and I hate it.

While my family prays I curse God.

This is how I 'felt' months ago. Right now I feel somewhat the same but I
know there is a God and in time He'll forgive my horrible sins when I ask.

I know God still loves me, even after all the wrong doing I do and did.

He will forgive His Forgotten Child of Christ with His open mercy.
He will always love me.

He'll always be here waiting for me to return to him. I am the lost sheep
and he is the waiting Shepard. Awaiting my safe return.