Can't be the selfish bitch

The one who makes people cry

And doesn't know herself

Never care why she did it

Don't investigate


Everything on the line

I know I'll never love

I want to find my faith again

I know I use my guilt

I want it to be okay

Drifting clouds

Part for nothing

But a day of smiles

That will be fake by tomorrow

When no one remembers

That they could exist

Falling rain

Emotions change every day

Like a new outfit

I don't want to want

No one understands

Would they if they could?

Lighting gleams

Strike down what you can't see

Behind your glasses

And tell me what you do see

Besides what you can control

And explain

No blue skies

There's nothing left of peace

But I didn't come for simplicity

And I didn't ask for your pity

Or your fury

Don't come back

Horizon of black

What if I can't love?

Maybe forgiveness is fatal

Maybe I lead myself to agony

When did I ask for your help?

I'm dealing with it