So today is again filled with disappointment. All healthy

skies become polluted and infested with hate and as the rain

falls for cleansing.. cleansing the sky because some people

cannot portray events or themselves correctly. Looking to the

things we love the most to watch them decompose. To watch them

stare and understand. It's then they really matter but by then

they are too far gone. Lost in the maze we constructed to hide

from others, we find it difficult to find our ways. Wanting to

again grasp what is tangible. That uncomfortable song played

at that perfect volume. The silence between seconds with no

one is expected

to hear anything. The time spent to ourselves, alone. I could

not ever figure out what people do those minutes or hours

before they go to sleep. I decided yesterday that i wasn't

that important

.Doesnt anyone see the pattern? I was watching the new and

they tell people how to set the temperature in their house.

While I am sitting there in my chair, smothered by thousands

of thoughts. The things that have been said to me, about me.

No one ever reads this. I'm sure no one really cares.