Stardust upon velvet,
Pale moonlight echoes...
The air is frozen with stale remorse.
Scarred and broken,
But no longer afraid,
Wrapping around you a cloak of lies and darkness,
You run beneath the twilight.
The whispers of the wind urge you forward,
Manifesting the way.
Tears fall from heaven,
And the torn sky shakes.
Keep running...
The night encloses you in soft redemption,
Kissing your wounds.
Tell her your secrets and sell her your lies.
Don't stop...
They just push it all away.
But she'll accept your sacrifices.
The ground beats against you like the beating of a drum,
The beating of your heart.
The stars sing their regrets,
Washing away the pain of tears and years,
As you fall to your knees.
Then the sun rises again,
And, selfishly, you're invisible once more.
Bleeding inside...