Unknown Is My Life

By writerforever

It's dark and warm in my world. I float in the darkness not really thinking of anything. Sometimes I kick to try and get out but it never works. I remain in here but somehow something inside of me says soon I will be out of this dark place. Trying to stretch my legs hit something thick yet soft. It is the wall that surrounds me in the darkness. Ever since I first was formed I have been surrounded by this darkness. It is my world and my life, for now.

Time passes on and then suddenly I feel a terrible pain. It is something I have never felt before. I try to cry out but I cannot. On and on the pain pierces me until finally I am no longer. I pass through darkness then a bright light appears before me. I have entered a place that I know not what it is. All that I know is that it is a peaceful and wonderful place, much better than my old place of residing which had been only darkness. I did not know it but when I had felt the pain in my old residing place I had been aborted. Now the place, the bright and light place, was Heaven itself.

Unfortunately I would never know what life was like in the place they call the world. Perhaps, if I had not been aborted, I would have been a joyful child. Maybe I would have played in the local park and been popular with all the kids. When I grew into a teenager perhaps I would have been different from everyone else. Perhaps I would have been a writer and made a difference in the world through my writing. Perhaps I would have been a humble teacher, spending my days teaching a room full of children.

Perhaps I would have been a missionary that would have traveled to far off countries to tell people of Jesus Christ. I might have been an astronaut and stepped foot on the moon amongst the heavenly stars and planets. Or maybe I would have been just an ordinary person that enjoyed life. Perhaps I would have wrote a famous novel and become known throughout the world! I might have been a movie star that exhaled the movie critics with my talent and forever changed the acting industry forever.

Just think of all the things I could have been! Oh how I wish I could have stepped foot on the green grass and looked up at the blue sky filled with soft fluffy clouds! To feel the air and meet people is what I wish I could have done. I wish that I could have met my mommy and daddy. Maybe they would have taken me to the movie theater, or to the park where Daddy would have played with me in the fall leaves. I wish that I could have known what love was like, what it must have been like to fall in love with someone. But I will never know. My life will be forever unknown. . .

Millions of babies are aborted in America today. I know that many people say that the babies aren't alive and do not feel any thing when they are aborted but studies have proven the babies are alive. To those of you who agree that abortion should be legal, just think of the millions of babies that could have been so many things but their dreams and lives were cut short all because of a choice that shouldn't have been made. Their lives will be unknown. . .forever.

I know there will be people who may appose this short piece of writing but I will ignore any reviews criticizing this piece of writing. So save your time, and mine, and don't review if you disagree with me about abortion.