I followed Chris outside the office and we both went to our locker to take what was left in it. We actually didn't exchange a wor until we reached the mall and sat at a table with the dinner we had just bought.

"Thanks." Chris just said without sending me a glance.

I knew why he was saying thanks. It was not only to have jumped on this other guy. It was also for leaving with him. For him, it was like taking his side... being, a true friend, if we could say it that way. And I was not just Chris' only friend, he was my only one too.

I also knew that with Chris, there was nothing mushy-mushy. No feelings, and let's not talk about how close we are and bla bla bla. For him, it was bullshit. Once, he told me that words flies away, but actions stay. He said we didn't have to talk about what we were doing for the other, as long as we did it.

So yea, Chris and I were always together. We both were nerds at school. I'm really sociable, and that's what made me look ever worse. Chris thinks it's his fault, but it's really not. It's just that people don't particulary like geeks... but a geek who talks with everyone is not well seen. It's more annoying than anything else. But I really tried to be accepted. It never worked. I kinda had a label on the forehead. Who knows how it REALLY started? All I remember is that all my life, I've been locked in my locker. All the tricks, they were doing it on ME. Chris may be worse than me, but no one were playing jokes on him. I actually think people were a little scared of him.

Once, seniors even stole my boxers and put it as the school's flag. Pretty common you say? Well the next time, they got me while I was in the bathroom and left me ONLY my boxers, which was even worse. After 3 years, I got used to it and now, I don't care at all. That's me and I can't run away from it... well I thought I couldn't. This new opportunity of changing of school was giving to popularity a new sense. A... reachable sense.

"So, Chris. Which school?"

"The one that takes both of us." He said, with no expression at all.

"Are you gonna change of style?"

This time, he actually put his gaze in mine.

"Why would I?" he asked with a disgusted face.

There was nothing to discuss about, so I decided to change the subject.

"Maybe you could help me change mine?"

"You look great, G." He said, his eyes on his dinner this time.

"I wanna change. Chris you may not want to be the popular kind of guy... bu I wanna try it out." I said, really determined.

"Alright. Wanna dress like me?"

The idea of wearing baggy clothes was making butterflies in my stomach, but I didn't know if it was excitement, or disgust. I finally opted for Chris' kinda clothes. He made me brought clothes I had never heard about. He bought himself a dark green SPLIT shirt and a new chain for his pants. I looked at him from head to foot. He had REALLY baggy black jeans and a large yellow shirt. His hair were a total mess, but it actually did look good. They were died a natural blond, but you could see a bit of brown. He also had VANS yellow and grey skater shoes (author's note: those are the best shoes in the world! It's the exact same shoes I wear lol!). I tried to iagine myself in those clothes and it didn't look that bad. Than, we went to buy me a skateboard.

"Greg, I can't wait to see you in those new clothes." Chris said, half-smiling.

I didn't see him smile a lot, but this time, it was really a sincere smile.

"What about you, Chris? Are you gonna change something?" I asked as we were getting back home.

He seemed to think and nodded. He then turned his face to me.

"My last name."