Eyes overflowing
The words repeat still
You've lost your light
And I..
I try to keep it all in
But, failing, I..
I keep trying to breathe for you
I want to make you constantly happy
I want your fears to dissolve with me
If I was stronger, could I then save you?
I can't bring myself to be strong any longer..
You say not to worry, my tears still crawl farther
My only thought to keep you close,
Enveloping you, to show you warmth
Brushing my tears, you try to smile
I know that smile, the one I've held for so long
It doesn't fool me, I weep
If I could sacrifice myself for your joy-
I would, gladly
Unable to stop the tears
You tell me not to cry, but how?!
My only beacon, hope, my Love!
If only I could take away your misery!
Will I ever make your happiness shine through?
All I want is you
Please don't go
I love you