~ * Chapter One * ~

Now, here she was, sitting in a Cafe, starring out the window, looking at the rain drops and wondering when would the sky stop crying. It had been three days since the day she arrived in London, England and the rain had never stopped. Slowly, she turned away from the window and stirred her coffee with her spoon. She took a sip and it was cold and bitter. The bitterness slowly permeated through that secrete door and crept deep into her heart. Quickly, she put few spoonful of sugar into her coffee and stirred again, hoping the sweet sugar would melt and cover the bitterness. Again, she took another sip and it was no better. The sweetness and the bitterness did not mix and she tasted both of them, sweet, yet bitter. She pushed it away, thinking, Love is sweet, yet bitter, just like this cup of coffee.

"Dong, dong, dong.. " The Clock stroke five times and interrupted her thoughts. She looked at the watch and it was already 5pm., realizing that she had been sitting here for the whole afternoon. She put on her jacket and left the Cafe. She was walking on the street, enjoying the raindrops. Her mid-night black hair was already wet, sticking on the sides her face and water dripped off from the end of the tips and her face. Her water proof jacket was no more water proof and she shivered. Through her blurry glasses, she saw two figures, a guy and a girl, walking in front of her. The guy held the girl in his arm and the girl seemed so peaceful and happy. They cuddled under the umbrella, trying not to get wet. She smiled lightly, putting her hands in her jacket, trying to get some warmth but a chill ran down along her spine. Again, she shiver, knowing that she might going to get a cold but she didn't care. She had always hated raining days. They are wet and filthy; however, she loved to walk in the rain, even though she was soaked. Finally, she stopped in front of a blue house and opened the door with they key.

"Where have you been?!" A male voice yelled at her the minute she stepped inside, full of worries.

"Hi," She greeted and smiled."I was at the coffee shop down at the street."

"For the whole day?!" He asked angrily. " I was worried to death. You can at least phone me and tell me where are you going and I've already told you to bring an umbrella if you are going anywhere. Don't you ever listen?"

"Well, since you weren't home, I just took a walk. I didn't think it's such a big deal." She answered quietly and stared at the carpet as the water dripped off from her hair.

"At least you can leave me a note or something. You've only been here for three days and you don't have a sense of direction. Of course, I'm afraid of you getting lost." She took a step back and covered her face inside of her jacket.

"I'm sorry." She murmured, still afraid of looking at him.

"What did you say?" He pretended that he didn't hear anything. " And stop hiding in your jacket, that's not going to save you. Look at me, I'm not going to eat you."

"I'm sorry." She apologized and saw her own reflection in his hazel brown eyes, dirty and wet. Suddenly, a familiar feeling rushed toward her. His charming eyes reminded her of someone and something.

"Apology accepted. I'm sorry that I yelled at you." He said sincerely, " Now, go take a shower before I yelled at you again." His voice interrupted her thoughts.

She shook her head and said: " Yes, sir or shall I say, yes, mom." She laughed and ran into the washroom.

"You are so dead tonight!" He yelled outside the door.


She stepped into the bath tub and turn on the water. She closed her eyes and enjoyed as the hot water washed away the coldness and the pain. She wrapped her arm around her and kept herself warm while the hot water ran along her body. She felt as someone was holding her in his arms, giving her warmth and loving her. She imagine that she was lying in his arms, tasting his scents and loving him forever. She relaxed every single nerve and cell. So comfortable and refreshing. She smiled peacefully in her dream.

She came out of the shower wearing a green sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. Who turned off the light? Now, what's that dude up to? She held out her arms, trying to find the switch. "Derek, Derek, where are you?" She called but there was no answer. The house was silent as if she was the only one. She waved her arms around, still trying to find the switch and took a little step every single time, trying not to bump into anything. Suddenly, she heard someone is walking toward her. "Derek, is that you? Just turn on the light, it's not funny anymore." Her voice again, wondered in the house but still no answer. Where is him? Where is the dam switch and my glasses. I can't see anything. So Derek, you wanted to play? Sure, I'll play. She smirked and grabbed the broom that was right beside her. She stood still, not making any move, trying get use to the darkness. Soon, blurry images started to appear in front of her. She saw the couch, the table, and most of all a moving shatter. So there you are, got you. An evil smile slowly appeared on her face. That black shadow was wondering around, trying to find the 'victim'. Watch out Derek, I'm right behind you. She got closer and closer with a broom in her hands, trying not to make any sound. The shadow stopped wondering around as if, he had sensed someone but it was too late. She was right behind him.

"BOO, I got you." Her voice was quite yet scary. Before he could turn around, She whacked him on the back with the broom. "BANG!"

"OUCH!" Derek yelled with a twisted face. The house was now, full of light.

A/N: That the 1st chapter hope you enjoyed it. It was a little to dramatic at the end.. so I took it down and changed it a little. I like this one a lot better.. She get to hit someone yay!!! haha.. Oh well.. hope you like it. Don't know whether i'm going to continue or not.. hehe.. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it.. and please R&R!!!