I used to know a girl,
I saw her every day,
We never did get close,
This is the price I paid.

I saw her leave the room,
I saw her wipe away the tears,
She would hide from us at lunch,
Rejection she did fear.

We never even bothered,
We never really cared,
'She's just another person'
In this world no one fairs.

I remember the day we crossed the line,
Yet we still didn't turn back,
She was just a game to play,
We liked to watch her crack.

We watched as she cowered there,
Hiding in the dark,
We could almost smell her fear,
The prospect of oncoming harm.

She new we'd all take our place,
Stand among the group,
Cheering until she slipped away,
To the ground black and blue.

I remember as I once walked away,
I saw her sitting there,
She didn't even flinch,
She didn't seem to care.

She'd given up after so much,
She had no reason to breathe,
Her life was just a waste of space,
At her grave none would greave.

I should have turned around then,
I should have gone back,
If I had of seen the future,
Now things wouldn't be so black.

I should have seen it coming!
I did see the tears,
She was broken inside,
Too many things to fear.

The next day at school she sat with us,
We never did know why,
But as the siren rang for class,
She merely whispered 'goodbye'.

At lunch we went to find her,
She was there waiting for us,
Amongst all the shadows,
She didn't even try to run.

She stood so still,
We listened for a voice,
Her lips moved slowly,
Our actions made her choice.

'So much pain you have caused me,
Too much grief and tears,
You have all taken my life,
It is you that should know fear.'

'Every day I come too school,
Hoping to see change,
But it shall never be,
Because of all your ways.'

'I've had enough,
I've hidden for to long,
Where I'm going,
Is where I belong.'

She opened up her bag,
She revealed a kitchen knife,
It was clean and sharp,
To end her life.

'I tried so hard to fit in,
But now I've given up,
The pressures of this life,
It's not meant to be this tough!'

'Why did you have to make it so?
Why couldn't you go away?!
You didn't even know me!
Yet it's still me that you hate!'

'I just want to end it now!
I'm sick of all these lies!
I'm sick of breathing.
.So goodbye.'

And as she broke down in front of us,
We didn't even move,
Our group felt as one,
There was nothing we could do.

I screamed inside as she plunged the knife,
I watched her as she died,
I didn't even try to stop her,
She had said her final goodbye.

I cried so many tears that day,
Her body just lay there,
There was so much of her blood,
It's not that we didn't care.

I realize now that we were wrong,
We pushed that girl too far,
We crossed the boundaries to many times,
We caused her too much harm.

And as I saw her body die,
And her soul slip away,
I had never felt such fear,
I still feel it to this day.

I'm sorry for what we did to you,
I'm sorry for what can't be undone,
I'm sorry for what we did,
For what we did we thought was fun.

And amongst all these regrets,
All the tears which are dried,
I shant wipe mine away,
For because of us you died.

By Siobhan
Date: 27/August/2004