Happy Birthday, Jake

I awaken on a day like any other.

Disappointed because everything is the same.

The hope that things would change instantly dies.

My body quivers with despair.

Sixteen years ago today I was born.

I came to a world against my will.

I will leave against my will.

Caught in the current of life,

Flailing and sputtering while trying to keep my head up.

I don my mask,

Continuing the facade of my existence.

The day goes on and people omit me from their world.

Not a single 'Happy Birthday'.

Not even from my father.

The feeling of loneliness returns to plague me.

I had banished it once,

But that changed after I was tossed aside by the lady of the Forest.

Now I have no company in this shadowy realm.

I'm forced to persist alone.

11:57 p.m.,

I close the door to my room.

My body trembles, overcome with grief.

11:58 p.m.,

I'm secluded from the world now,

Alone in my room.

I can finally take off my mask

I allow the tears to well up in my eyes.

11:59 p.m.,

With all my will I squeak out three words:
"Happy birthday, Jakeā€¦"