The blue sky is gone. The sun has left. The fisherman goes home. The dove stops cooing. She settles down, she knows what's coming. Martyrs aren't made. Bounties aren't collected. Terrorists don't kill. Wars will stop, and step off the path

To make way for nature's most beautiful gift. No one is killed. No one kills. And all is peaceful. All races are united In celebrating our alikeness For we all do the same thing. When the blackness comes White lights appear in that dark. They are our hope for being revived. Silence fills the world. The darkness approaches And the world dies. We die, and are peaceful. We remain calm Because we know we will be reborn. Those points of light guide us through the mini apocalypse To rest safely in our beds when the light returns And we are reborn. You are night, and you are nature's most beautiful gift.