Awesome Day
One of my friends wrote once "That today has the potential to be awesome."
I can feel the power of today.
Today, I can be whatever side of me I want to project to the world.
I can be the wildcat, who prowls at night,
I can be the Tomboy, who aims to stay away from girly things,
I can be the want to be socialite,
The mystic muse, and spirit guide into the world of my head, or writing.
I can be the conqueror of my inner jungle,
Or of the School.
I can be the hippie/free spirit, who thinks the world should revolve on
Or maybe not that today, I have the free spirit down today,
But there is no need for me to protest against anything.
All seems well, and calm, and beautiful.
I can be the politician, who wants to change the world,
But I think I will continue my little break from her for awhile,
I can be the "wow, I actually do clean girl"
The heartbreaker, who with just a wink can drive people mad.
I can be the angry, weeping woman.
The survivor.
The lonely hermit.
The excited writer typing away at the nearest computer.
It doesn't matter which side I choose,
It can be the secret side of myself, that I have known for years,
But am slowly recovering,
As she has been hiding for awhile.
All will be played or a new one.
A bright, bubbling cheery me.
The sun sparkles in out eyes, today,
Letting us choose,
Promising the power of the cleansing rain later,
If we mess up and the side isn't right for the day.
Whatever the side that I decide to project,
It will be worn with a smile,
Which may drop off my lips,
But will remain a sparkle in my eyes,
All day,
And for many days to come.