Me and one of my friends,
Discovered recently we share a similar secret.
One that connects in away,
One we didn't know about the other until recently.
Before, for me,
I never had the courage,
And frankly it never really came up.
There was never a subject of conversation,
That could lead easily into it.
Our secret few people know,
But that is okay.
One day I will have the courage to explain it
All to the people I love.
They will understand.
It is just the telling of the secret.
One day it will be a bright shinning present for them,
To open one joyous day,
And understand a little part of me that shapes who I am.
Right now,
It is a secret joke between friends,
A sparkle in our eyes as we pass each other by,
With a wink as we head off through the day.