The tempest in the heavens dissipates,
Just as you approach it innocently.
Your glow makes me defy the fates,
And like a child tremble anxiously.

I am so stained, sullied and filthy,
Whereas you are the purest creature
Ever seen by savage eyes of humanity;
The clear light of our mother nature.

I am the night's bohemian traveller,
And despite our many differences
You'll always be my chaste lover,
A steady wind in the turbulences.

You're the only one who believes
In this lost child, left behind in twilight,
When it freezes in the winter eves,
Wandering outside in the dark night.

You're the one who still watches it
And accompanies always and forever,
To be with it in soul and spirit,
So it's not alone, not now, not never.

You're the gorgeous albino deity,
The golden sun covered in silver mist;
My protector in this world of cruelty,
And the lover from whose lips I exist.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
AN: He he, I love the moon (. Isn't it so gorgeous?