In the last few days,
I have had an recognition,
I don't think I become attracted to people,
I become fascinated with people,
I want to learn about their lives,
How can they seem so sad at times,
When they have so much.
Where does this fountain
Of energy that they possess
Come from.
Is it from heredity?
Can I learn to be happy,
And full of energy.
I wonder what they think about.
Do they think I am crazy?
Do we think the same on certain issues?
How do I become friends with them,
They seem so distant,
And in their own worlds…
Do I have a place in their world?
The problem is I never
Get an answer.
But that is okay.
I am starting to see,
Though the world doesn't revolve around me.
I am important to,
And I am sure
One day,
Someone will become fascinated
With me,
And wonder the same things I do.
But it's okay
If it isn't right now.
I have a lot to do,
And a lot of future people that
May fascinate me,
Some of my fascinations are actually
My friends,
So maybe I will one day
Learn the answers to my
Millions of questions.
But if I don't
That is okay.
Because that is the greatest
Thing about life,
The mystery that
Will always be there.