by battousai24

Nothing would matter
If you just wouldn't care
You don't have to worry
You barely know I'm there

Let all your feelings fade
Even emotions of hope and love
You wouldn't feel anything
If you let them drift away

Call out to the rain at night
And feel the cold run down your spine
Feel the numbness of your fingertips
Feel the pain leave you behind

Make it rain and see the blood
Then smile as it flows
Look at me, you'll see me there
When you feel the hurt

The nightmares will not bother you
Once you use the blade
Feel the silver and the cold
Rip through your veins

See everything in a blur
Notice you're all alone
Look at the mirror, you'll see me
Standng there with awe

Look below and find yourself
With your everything destroyed
Then try to look beneath your feet
And see your all dissolve