A/N: Here's my reply to another one of hakubaikou's poems. This is the reply for "Let Me Cry". It sucks. I can't think of anything right now. My mind's in chaos.

by battousai24

Just for tonight, I'll let you cry
I'll hold you close, for just one night
I'll let you stay for this one time
My time is near... It ends tonight

Don't be afraid that you'll lose me
I'll be here even when I die
Please... don't stop me
Don't you even try

This is what I want
Please, let me go away
Hold me close, just this once
I'm slowly drifting away

One last time, smile for me
Smile... through all the tears
There's no more need to assure me
Until I leave, I'll be right here

I'm leaving now, but don't follow
At least not yet, not now, not soon
Goodnight, my friend, I'll dream of you
And remember this... "I love you too."