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by battousai24

"Forsake me..."
That's what I just told you
You didn't bother to answer
I figured you wouldn't

The tears that well up in my eyes
Never fall, although I wish they would
I need the rain... The Crimson... The pain...
I need to let it all go

"You're an angel..."
That's what I've been telling you
You didn't believe me
You even threw the words back at me

The annoyance in your eyes,
The hatred, it hurts
I need the rain... The Tears... The pain...
I need to let you go

"Look at me..."
That's what I wish to tell you
You didn't bother to take a glance
I need you to do this

A glance... A simple look
It will kill me
Let me go, back in the dark, and drift away
I need you to destroy me

"Kill me..."
That's what I want you to do
Look at me, hold me close, I'll disappear
I'll be crushed in your arms

The chains that bind me
Prove I am bound to a promise
... to stay, to never leave,
To be by your side

"Hate me..."
That's what I need of you
Speak to me with scornful words
I need to succumb

The self-mutilation does nothing
I need your touch, your gaze, to destroy me
Look at me, angel... although fallen and broken
Save me, destroy me, redeem me...
For I am forsaken