Where onyx waters swirl coldly she resides,
Ruling her hellish realm with snake and stone,
The Medusa of the mists in which Death hides,
Howling with the terror of being left alone.

For him she shed poison tears of darkness,
And now for him she turns sweet mortals,
From life to unwavering, everlasting ashes,
So they keep him company in his rambles.

Her mourning, wailing song is a call to him,
But it steals the agonizing sun from the blue
And takes us to sore throbbing folly's brim
Giving our souls to what he believes is true.

She stole you from my arms my jade beauty,
Tore us apart, distorting your flesh and bone;
Left me lost in the damp swamps pitilessly,
Searching for my heart in the waters, alone.

Now I wait for her husband here, to take me,
So I can punish her for her coldblooded crime,
And in turn capture him just to put her in misery,
And have you by my side one more sweet time.