The Burger Joint

Old man Joe was nearly 82
He's been working at the burger joint since 1922
Since he was old, he was always tired
He forgot his social security number; so he couldn't retire
He's sick of it all; he's sick of this place
Then he lost it; a smirk emerged from his wrinkly face
He ran to the back and chugged the bottle of ketchup
He drank all the mustard; he expelled a yellow hiccup
Then he ran outside; with a fistful of fries
He threw them at cars, bikes, and a passerby
He licked all the buns; and spat on the patties
Pointed to a fat kid and called him a "fatty"
He was set; destrucion was his theme
He laughed as he peed in the ice cream machine
He stepped on his dentures and skated around the place
Then he mooned the customers and asked "Wanna taste?"
Poor old man Joe; the stress was too much
He had a stroke while spraying children with Hawaiian Punch
That's the end of this story; so I'll get to the point
This is why you shouldn't work at burger joints