Alanna and Katherine

When I first met them

I was sad and alone

I had no friends

No one really liked me

They all thought I was stupid

Naïve and incompetent

Maybe it was true

I wouldn't know

My mom and my dad

Didn't like it

That I was an outcast

And I caused such terrible problems

I was very sad

And deeply depressed

And then when I met them

My happiness reached the sky

I met Alanna Cherry

Through my parents and hers

She was wild and crazy

But that made me worship her

She was as tall

As a picket fence

With almond-shaped eyes

That reflected her uniqueness

And dirty-blonde hair

That swirled down to her shoulders

And fly around her like a sash

When she jumped and made me clap

And her voice was the sound

Of a waterfall

Flowing easily and swiftly

Never stopping for anger or hate

And boy did she have freckles

Like little chocolate chips

Embedded in a giant cookie

That always smiled for me

She played the guitar

And basketball and rugby

Her talents

Were endless

But what I valued most about her

Was that she was always with me

Ready to lend a helping hand

And make me laugh with great jokes

Katherine Jones I met second

And marveled at her humor

Her accent was so British

And her laughter was like bubbles

She had dark brown hair

Straight to her waist

Her beauty was magnificent

Like it always will be

Her eyes were like dimes

And her smile was like silver

It shined so brightly

Whenever she laughed

At first

She thought I was dorky

And silently

I agreed

But then she learned to care

About me and my problems

She smiled and accepted me

For who I always was

We did so many things

Alanna, Katherine, and Me

Or other wise known by our nicknames

As Misty, Courtney, and Toni

We swam in the pool

Near my house

And joked and laughed

All daylong

And I admit I was kind of selfish

And ignored them both


But in truth I always loved them

Once we went to Chilies

And spat water at each other

We laughed and giggled non-stop

The best times of my life

We also went bowling

And cheered each other on

I didn't hit that many pins

But I loved the wonderful praise

They would make sacrifices

For my happiness

And sometimes pretend

That I didn't have problems

They made me

Feel normal

Like any other kid

I wish I could have thanked them

But then tragedy struck

Alanna went to Kenya

Katherine went to France

And I haven't seen them in years

But I really hope

They realize

How much they meant

To me

They accepted me

For who I was

Not because

They felt sorry

I really enjoyed it

When they truly cared

About whatever happened to me

And all the problems I brought forth

But whatever they're doing

Right here and now

I hope that they hear me

One last time

Thank you, Alanna

And thank you, Katherine

For being the best of friends

A girl could ever want.