Berlin, Germany May 28th 2007 1449 Local Time

Senior Lieutenant Takliev had just made the find of his military career. The young Soviet Officer had spotted the Black Hawk and saw the men about to run out to it. Takliev was sure they outnumbered the Allies, he had fifteen men and he couldn't see to many of the enemy. He ordered his men into firing positions and watched for the enemy to make their move. As the three Americans and six British soldiers ran out to the helicopter they had to take their opportunity. He ordered his soldiers to spare the Medics and just aim for soldiers. Takliev aligned his sights on the young litter bearer. He pulled the trigger setting off a of gunfire followed by his soldiers releasing a spray of gunfire.

Hartman watched from the building as his men dropped to the ground and as the British men fell. One young Private stood outside the building appalled at what he had just seen. His face was white as a ghost, learning that war was by no means romantic. Hartman grabbed the young Rifleman and threw him onto his back inside the building. Hartman glanced outside as rounds were snapping off the building, his Medic was still alive trying to pull American bodies onto the helicopter. Hartman knew it was time to act fast. "I need gunners upstairs! Keep covered as much as possible and piss rounds up the street. I need a couple rifleman to secure all entrances and also here." The men nodded and Hartman drew a breath. "Radio!" Hartman grabbed the radio, "Alpha this is Alpha Fox Three we are under heavy fire here, Soviet patrol 500 meters up to road, they outnumber us. We have wounded and the British have heavy wounded. We need Close Air now!"

"Roger Alpha Fox Three, Little Birds inbound ETA five to ten. Alpha Out." Hartman threw back the radio and leaned out to fire down the street.

Down the street Takliev knew he needed the helicopter out of sight to crush them. He grabbed two of his men, "Privates, fire on that helicopter, not enough to destroy it or incapacitate it just enough to get it out of here!" The soldiers nodded and began firing on the helicopter.

"Shit," blurted Chief Warrant Officer Waters. He wasn't thrilled about having a huge cross on his chopper and have it fired at. "What happened to the fucking RoE." He keyed his mike, "Alpha this is Dust Off One-One we're getting fired on we are gettin' outta here. Sorry Fox Three." He pulled up on the Collective and the Black Hawk lifted from the ground. Hartman looked outside to see the Medic rushing back to their position under the ensuing gunfire and dashing back inside.

"Sir what can I do?" He shot out getting inside.

"Coulda gotten on that damned helicopter." Hartman said starring at the medic.

"People need help here."

"Your getting' something for this, got check around." The Radioman suddenly ran in handing the radio to Hartman. "This is Alpha Fox Three go!"

"Roger Three this is Alpha be advised we are sending in Black Hawk for all pick up. Load all men, British and American on upon landing, it will land after Little Birds back their rounds."

"Roger any word ETA?"

"They are less than two minutes, Alpha out." Hartman handed the radio back to his soldier and reloaded his M-16. Hartman could hear in the faint background the mix of high speed whirring and slower thumping of the Black Hawk.

Takliev had too much gunfire around him and was too deafened by the sound of his own promotion for what he thought was a great move to hear this. He instructed his men to move forward to take the building and move out to crush the British. As they drew nearer and time passed he heard the sound.

But when he heard it, it was far too late.

"Shooter Four Three inbound and hot"

"Shooter Four-Four in behind and lighting 'er up." The two helicopters flew overhead and dumped a shower of rounds on the Russians. Takliev watched as his patrol was disassembled around him. Eleven dead in one pass, only four remaining; Hartman leaned out and got his sights right on Takliev and pulled the trigger.

It was all over for the young officer; another name to be added to the casualty list. In just a flash it was over, Hartman showed his marksmanship medal on that shot, a perfectly round hole was in his enemy's head. The other soldiers looked down on the officer and dropped their weapons. The three young privates knew that the Soviet Officer's couldn't shoot them for surrender out here. Hartman saw this and ordered his men to take the Soviet's prisoners. His soldiers ran out of the buildings and threw the men to the ground, and cuffed them using zip ties and took their weapons.

As they did this the Black hawk landed down and the bodies of the British dead and nearly dead were loaded inside. The Russians were loaded inside followed by the Americans. Hartman got in last looking down upon the dead Russians. The helicopter lifted off and Hartman drew a sigh of relief having survived yet another patrol. He was now just full of contempt for his soldiers wounded, hoping to arrive to find them well.