as i reach for you,
the picture shatters.
i fall to my knees,
and cry for memories.
memories of laughter,
of teasing banter,
of friendly affection.
life is like a movie, i suppose;
some are tragic,
some are romantic,
some are hopeful,
some are friendly,
but they're all too short,
leaving something unended.
love looks like a quilt to me;
many patches,
many colors,
but everything has meaning,
everything seems to fit.
working is similar to a CD,
it spins around,
the same song playing,
eventually becoming annoying.
i think of these things
as i remember you now:
laughter, affection, banter.
i've never found them,
not quite the same way,
with another.
i try, they try,
but none can compete.
it's like reality verses dreams,
i'd much rather sleep.