Make friends.

Out of two thousand kids

How can you not find

One you like?

They can't all be conservative

Or perverted

Too perky

Or depressed

They can't all be judgmental

So it's my fault

Be nice to guys

Your fears are invalid

Because you should control them

And we like you better this way

Though it won't benefit you

We've decided it will

So you'll do what we say

We might not understand

And it's my fault

Don't you dare cry

You brought it on yourself

By being stupid and negative

Then contradicting yourself

Then saying what no one wants

To have to hear

And playing innocent

And using your difference

To hide from the social circle

No matter what you say

You're doing something wrong

Because you're not happy

And you have to change it

Even if you're not ready

Because that's how it is

No one can wallow

And that's what you're doing

Showing weakness