Second Chapter:

Gasping for air as she reached for the glass of water, sitting on her bedside table, she got up from her bed and glanced towards the window. Trembling she breathed a sigh of relief, she had the most terrifying nightmare, even though it wasn't one she had expected. As she peered through the rotting frame, she saw the dark forest that she was told that her beloved Dante had got lost in.

During the day she did her duties as a woman and continued to glance out her bedroom window, not stirring from her rocking chair. Ichabod came to her that evening, telling news of Dante being eaten by a pack of blood- thirsty wolved. He convinced her it was the truth, and that they would never wed.

She mourned for a few days then took her own life, finding her body hanging from the bar in Mr. Courto's barn, Ichabod was furious! The thought of his little sister taking her own life, over him, sent rage flowing throughout his veins and crawled in his skin. How could such a thing happen? Concurring that he knew Dante was still alive and indeed well, he made false accusations that he had selfishly murdered his wife-to-be.

Ichabod placed flyers throughout the village making sure, he was caught. He ensured the capturer got 100 pieces of gold, for his deed, "I will get him, he will not win!" He muttered to himself as he sat in The Angels Moon, gulping down beer by the gallon, wiping his brow he headed for the door, but with each step he fell to his feet. The bartender ordered two of the fittest and stable men to drag him out and throw him out of the place.

With both arms they picked Ichabod up, and threw him out, his face landed in the snow, it was december, but not quite, it had started to snow, so he figured out in his own mind, that Dante would not survive a brutal winter. But to his dismay Dante had already survived a week and half, out in the forest with nothing to eat and drink.

Staggering back to his house, not exactly sober, he called for his General, and said whether Dante was alive or dead, he wanted his body, or better his heart!